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yes, we’re still eating

someone asked. ¬†ūüėČ


m.  grapes + crackers and cheese (we had a late lunch out with daddy)

t.  crispy quinoa and mole sweet potato tacos 

w.  tadoori grilled tofu with cauliflower curry and cucumber raita + lemon blueberry cake + company!

thrs.  white bean, avocado, and lime soup + homemade corn chips + chocolate truffles

f.  tofu tikka masala + indian fried green beans


m.  costco

t.  simple spaghetti with kale, lemon, and garlic

w.  avocado sammiches

thrs.  spaghetti with spinach, garlic, and lemon + cucumbers and fresh dill in greek yogurt

f. ¬†“almost chipotle” beans and rice¬†+ sauteed zucchini with garden dill


m.  cereal + yogurt and honey + egg cups

t.  biscuits and mushroom gravy + orange juice

w.  fresh blueberry pancakes + oj

thrs.  baked spinach and eggs + toast + tea

f.  pancakes + (fake) sausage + eggs

and no, we still haven’t fixed the camera.

happy eating

for once in my life my winco bill wasn’t over $100.¬† i was wondering if it had anything to the fact that there were only four things on my list that weren’t produce, bulk (i.e. nuts, coconut, dates, etc.), or dairy.¬† like, what the heck are the rest of the aisles for anyways?¬† in the end, i was very much pleased to have a fun, healthy menu and it wasn’t terribly expensive.¬† strawberries were on sale even.¬† ($1.50 for two pounds, i bought 8.)¬† let’s cook this.


m.  homemade mushroom soup + french bread + fresh strawberries and cream

t.  crunchy cashew thai quinoa salad with ginger peanut dressing + sweet potato fries + chocolate dipped strawberries

13 889

13 904

w.  west african peanut soup + rice + garlic rubbed cabbage steaks + strawberry shortcake

13 912

13 923

13 900

thrs.  chickpea fritters with courgette salad + paleo coconut bread

13 983

fri.  deer burgers + chips + grilled onions


m.  del taco (my new favorite taco), $12

t. fried egg avocado sandwich + strawberries!

w.  skinny black bean quesadillas + apples

thrs.  brown rice and beans + ginger chile salsa

fri.  broccoli quinoa casserole  + homemade bread


m.  cinnamon quinoa + tea

t.  cereal + egg cups

w.  buttermilk strawberry breakfast cake + egg cups

thrs.  poached eggs on toast + tea + strawberries

fri.  baked apple oatmeal + yogurt

weekend, a.k.a. bountiful basket, $16

total = $124


i know you’re going to find this hard to believe – but it was all good.¬† we’ll be coming back for round two.

more eating


m.  spaghetti + garlic bread + salad

t.  mexican lime soup + corn chips + avocados + coconut buttermilk pound cake

w.  chile rellenos + brown rice + chocolate coconut pudding

thrs.  cornbread + beans + asparagus

fri.  brown rice and beans + ginger chile salsa


m.  macaroni + trees

t.  hot dogs + potato chaat

w.  quinoa burger + tzatziki sauce + potato chips

thrs.  peanut butter + honey sandwiches + apples

fri.  black bean, avocado, lime salad + nachos + homemade salsa


m.  blackberry parfaits

t.  oatmeal + melon

w.  eggs on homemade bread+ avocados + tea

thrs.  cereal + egg cups

fri.  baked apple oatmeal + yogurt

weekend basket, $16

total = $135


mexican lime soup is already in the running.  mostly for being easy.  (i make mine with tofu.)  the other thing i learned this week is that homemade tzatziki rocks.

sorta food

my husband gave me $100 for my household budget this week.¬† i looked at him and said, “what am i supposed to do with that?”¬† exactly.¬† he’s getting wise.¬† suffice to say i didn’t scroll around on pinterest saying, “ooo, i want to eat that…and that, and that.”¬† instead, i made boring food.


m.  spaghetti + french bread + salad + ginger ale

t.  homemade pizza

w.  cornbread + beans + salad

thrs.  spiced black beans and tumeric rice + coconut chocolate mousse

fri.  indian food + naan + company


m.  taco time, $15

t.  macaroni and cheese + salad

w.  avocado and arugula sandwiches + cottage cheese

thrs.  tacos

fri.  pb & j + apples + cottage cheese


m.  oatmeal + oj

t.  raisin bran + egg cups

w.  baked spinach eggs + british bread + tea

thrs.  baked apple oatmeal + yogurt

fri.  smoothies + toast

weekend, a la bountiful basket, $16

total = $111

and look at that, there’s like a $10 difference between that and real food.¬† see if i ever try to save money again.

how’s that for exciting

i bet you wonder if i get tired of this.

i do.

but the week before last (i was gone last week) i tried being sloppy and put the recipes vaguely together on their own pinterest board.¬† it was terrible, and i ended up scrambling the whole week.¬† i find it’s just better to bite the bullet and put them up here monday, and not think about them again.


m.  tuscan pasta with tomato-basil cream + french bread

t.  cauliflower and chickpea curry + rice

w.  cannibal corpse crock pot + oven baked french fries + lemon cupcakes

thrs.  black beans and yellow rice

fri.  crock pot tortellini + salad + butterscotch spiral coffee cake + company


m.  taco time, $10

t.  orange sesame tofu and broccoli + rice

w.  vegetable and chickpea ragout + homemade bread

thrs.  spaghetti with spinach garlic and lemon + gardettos

fri.  quionoa patties + carrot sticks


m.  oatmeal + orange juice

t.  fried mushrooms + british bread + tea

13 514

w.  cereal + egg cups

thrs.  baked apple oatmeal

fri.  smoothies + toast

the weekend, a.k.a. bountiful basket, $15

total = $128

there, now i can thank me later.

food, woman

that’s the name of the new board my husband made on pinterest.¬† apparently one can eat tofu for only so long.


m.  tuscan pasta with tomato-basil cream + french bread

t.  cauliflower fettuccine alfredo + balsamic roasted brussel sprouts

w.  cheesy roasted broccoli patties + cornbread + black beans

thrs.  tofu tikka masala + rice

f.¬† vegetarian nut loaf + salad + homemade bread + ginger ale + lemon blossoms (jael’s bake day) + company

sat.  dal makhani + rice

sun.  15-minute white bean soup  + homemade artisan bread


m.  spaghetti with spinach, garlic, and lemon

t.  avocado black bean tacos

w.  greek lentil casserole

thrs.  spicy roasted vegetable macaroni and cheese


m.  cereal + egg cups + smoothies

t.  breakfast cookies + yogurt and honey

w.  british bread bread and jam + tea + egg cups

thrs.  baked oatmeal + applesauce

total = $140

yep, read it and weep.¬† the good news is that i’m getting a pantry this summer and i’m going to spend billions at costco.¬† then i won’t have to make these embarrassing confessions to you.¬† it will all be on the sly.¬† ahha.


i think i will keep making tuscan pasta because it is such a cheater meal.¬† the lemon spaghetti is headed for some repeats as well.¬† but what really stole the show was boy’s dal makhani and spice fried kale.¬† holy cow, yum.¬† the veggie mac and cheese was good too, but i’m not really in the cheese market.


and i’m back.


m.  cauliflower and chickpea curry + rice + sweet potatoes

t.  thai coconut curry soup + brussels sprouts + rice

w.  british fish and chips

thrs.  spicy szechuan tofu and eggplant + rice


m.  taco time, $15

t.  avocado sandwiches + gardettos (on sale!)

w.  avocado-lime black bean salad + chips and cheese

thrs.  hummus + chips + carrot sticks

fri.  chili + cornbread + apples


m.  oatmeal + grapefruit

t.  mini-(fake) bacon egg cups + british bread + tea

13 100

w.  smoothies + toast

thrs.  cereal + egg cups

fri.  pancakes + eggs

total = $151

and that doesn’t even include the weekend.¬† the shame of it.¬† now if only people would post more millet and oat recipes on pinterest, then i wouldn’t get in so much trouble.¬† help a sister out.


the tofu and eggplant was good.¬† i didn’t realize it, but eggplant soaks up lots of flavor.¬† the eggplant bits were the best bits.¬† slimy as they were.¬† and the black bean salad was an easy recipe to fake for an easy side.¬† the bacon things need some work.¬† they poofed up so much they were hollow inside.¬† i think next time i will try not whipping the eggs and dump them in whole.

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