it’s always a good sign.  when i’m not making menus you can pretty much bet that i’ve just thrown my family under the bus and am up to no good.  and it’s not that i’ve repented or anything, it’s just that i’m done now.  finished a few projects, over multiple sicknesses, laid off the road trips, and am trying to settle into some smooth sailing before baby gets here.  and smooth sailing happens to necessitate cake.  if there is no cake, there is no love for life.  just the incessant, desperate clambering out of the cold, slimy pit of “getting by.”  which is no way to live.

so meet the coolest cookbook ever.  i don’t even have to cook anything out of it.  it’s just fun to read.  take it from your library.  never give it back.


m.  taco soup + french bread

t.  amy c’s minestrone + homemade bread

w.  enchiladas + brown sugar pound cake

thrs.  curry

fri.  tacos + homemade salsa and spiced kale


m.  oatmeal + pears

t.  cereal + bananas

w.  swiss eggs on toast + pineapple

thrs.  fried mushrooms on toast + apples + tea

fri.  oatmeal + peanut butter and jelly + orange juice

and don’t ask me what’s for lunch.  i’m trying not to think about it.  i also didn’t include the weekend because i have high hopes of going into labor by then.  and you know what that means….


oh, and you thought i was going to say baby.  no, that wasn’t what i was thinking, but good point.


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