happy eating

for once in my life my winco bill wasn’t over $100.  i was wondering if it had anything to the fact that there were only four things on my list that weren’t produce, bulk (i.e. nuts, coconut, dates, etc.), or dairy.  like, what the heck are the rest of the aisles for anyways?  in the end, i was very much pleased to have a fun, healthy menu and it wasn’t terribly expensive.  strawberries were on sale even.  ($1.50 for two pounds, i bought 8.)  let’s cook this.


m.  homemade mushroom soup + french bread + fresh strawberries and cream

t.  crunchy cashew thai quinoa salad with ginger peanut dressing + sweet potato fries + chocolate dipped strawberries

13 889

13 904

w.  west african peanut soup + rice + garlic rubbed cabbage steaks + strawberry shortcake

13 912

13 923

13 900

thrs.  chickpea fritters with courgette salad + paleo coconut bread

13 983

fri.  deer burgers + chips + grilled onions


m.  del taco (my new favorite taco), $12

t. fried egg avocado sandwich + strawberries!

w.  skinny black bean quesadillas + apples

thrs.  brown rice and beans + ginger chile salsa

fri.  broccoli quinoa casserole  + homemade bread


m.  cinnamon quinoa + tea

t.  cereal + egg cups

w.  buttermilk strawberry breakfast cake + egg cups

thrs.  poached eggs on toast + tea + strawberries

fri.  baked apple oatmeal + yogurt

weekend, a.k.a. bountiful basket, $16

total = $124


i know you’re going to find this hard to believe – but it was all good.  we’ll be coming back for round two.

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