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hello airplane

after making a tally i found that we had been on five planes, two trains, two cabs, one subway, and one rental car.  talk about bleeding money all over the place.  i upgraded my vintage suitcases for the occasion with custom luggage tags.  so they would feel special, and they do.

here is the image i used.  i took a union jack and distressed it.  i am sure it will show up again.  it’s a pretty big image if you have plans for it yourself, feel free.

here we are spry and fresh at the airport before we knew better.  i actually went out and bought a special lounge outfit for our 12 hour flight.  marc, on the other hand, wore the same pants the whole trip.  because he’s a man.  (he even came home and put them back in his drawer because, what do you know, they still weren’t dirty.)

this was the other strictly unnecessary thing i did.  i got gel nails.  and oddly enough they kind of made the whole trip more fun.  a complete novelty.  only now they are a bit of a handicap, not to mention child-safety hazard (blow baby’s nose = poke out eye).  but totally worth it.  this was the color i was shooting for but they didn’t have it.  still, these made me happy.  i have two more fills before i retire the claws for good.  everyone has to try them once.  even if your husband has to open all your sodas and those tiny complimentary packages of marmite.  i could get used to being useless.

you know, if i wasn’t already.

happy things

my new kickboxing gloves from my little brother.  oh, look at that.  they’re pink.

my new ipod.  it’s not pink.  but my sister has the pink one so it just wasn’t right.  one can’t have a monopoly.

and my new, ruffled cake stand.  all it needs is a pink, swiss dot cake to go on top.  that or a really trashy barbie/ballerina cake.  we’ll see what the little minion wants.

that’s right, guess whose birthday is next?

bad blogger

what kind of person skips their 4th blogiversary?  oh, that’s right.  someone who doesn’t care.  i think that was back in may.  however, wordpress has gone so far as to inform me that this is my 600th post.  so it’s now or never.  i’m sure it all calls for prizes.

leave a comment and come friday i will buy you this shirt.  well, one of you.  courtesy of the whiles of facebook.  someone just posted an article on fetal homicide laws and i saw it in the sidebar.  see, advertising works.

the only thing that matters is the will of the mother. If the mother wants the child, it is a person. Those who harm it will be persecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If the mother doesn’t want the child, it isn’t a person. It can be torn limb from limb with full legal impunity, no questions asked. The child is exactly the same in both scenarios, it is only the affections of the mother which are changed. Do you see the problem with this? Do you see a problem with basing one person’s right to life on nothing else but the whims of another?

the person who thought up breast cancer awareness is an evil genius.

thank you.


my pet octopus

you just push on his soft shelled head and he inks you with dish soap.  cute, eh?


oh yes, and in the giant shaker is my sink cleaning mix.  just baking soda and 7 drops of spearmint essential oil.  smells divine.  i sprinkle my sink and squirt some dish soap on a scratchy pad and have at it.  …once a month or so when i break down anyways.  “this is disgusting.”

peachy pink

i found this walking this morning.  i had to capture it before it passed it’s prime.  roses hit middle age fast.  let that be a lesson.


ooo, mavis likey

i stumbled upon these in flickr.  the alternative universe of my dreams i believe.




only there are no swords.  where are the swords?

keeping up appearances

vicar: "oh no, it's the bucket woman. drive, drive!!"

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