where’s the cheese?

a while ago i invited a lady, who had authored a vegan cookbook, over to school me in all that was holy.  or mostly cheap.  and that is what healthy cooking is, lest anyone has ever told you otherwise.  i’m kind of suspiciously eyeing the day when i can’t spend $150 on groceries a week and i have to keep my bulk millet in a bucket.  although this week, i was only thinking i wanted to have some money leftover for copyright infringement and wall art.  (fyi, staples told me no.)  suffice to say, we will be eating things that are good for us with nothing cool to show for it.

p.s.  i already have the blood pressure of a corpse and my husband looks like he was recently released from an internment facility.  someone buy me a deep fryer for christmas.


m.  tomato/almond butter macaroni casserole + kale chips + rhubarb pie

t.  fettuccini made with kale and cashews + homemade bread + salad

w.  millet stuffing + cottage cheese + salad + homemade nutty tomato dressing +  “cartwheels” (jael’s bake day)

thrs.   oatmeal loaf + kale slaw

fri.  w.w. pasta with cashew cheese + kale chips + peach raspberry crisp sweetened with white grape juice concentrate

sat.  bountiful basket, $16

sun.  thai curry


m.  a slew of bean and cheese burritos at taco bell, $13.00

t.  homemade pretzels with cheese sauce + olives and cherry tomatoes

w.  peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on homemade bread + grapes

thrs.  tacos!

fri.  zucchini casserole + bread

sat.  daddy boy cooks indian

sun.  bountiful basket


m.  cereal

t.  blueberry parfaits with greek yogurt + egg cups

w.  10 grain cereal + melon

thrs.  eggs on toast + tea

fri.  blueberry/oatmeal muffins + egg cups + yogurt

sat.  waffles + peaches

sun.  baked oatmeal + blackberries

total = $118

stupid copyright laws.


keeping up appearances

vicar: "oh no, it's the bucket woman. drive, drive!!"

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