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my husband gave me $100 for my household budget this week.  i looked at him and said, “what am i supposed to do with that?”  exactly.  he’s getting wise.  suffice to say i didn’t scroll around on pinterest saying, “ooo, i want to eat that…and that, and that.”  instead, i made boring food.


m.  spaghetti + french bread + salad + ginger ale

t.  homemade pizza

w.  cornbread + beans + salad

thrs.  spiced black beans and tumeric rice + coconut chocolate mousse

fri.  indian food + naan + company


m.  taco time, $15

t.  macaroni and cheese + salad

w.  avocado and arugula sandwiches + cottage cheese

thrs.  tacos

fri.  pb & j + apples + cottage cheese


m.  oatmeal + oj

t.  raisin bran + egg cups

w.  baked spinach eggs + british bread + tea

thrs.  baked apple oatmeal + yogurt

fri.  smoothies + toast

weekend, a la bountiful basket, $16

total = $111

and look at that, there’s like a $10 difference between that and real food.  see if i ever try to save money again.


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