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but  you never really know….

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odds are they’re just goofing off.

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which is why i’m installing a row of antique school desks in the living room.  the kind that bolt to the floor.  then i’m going to get a ruler.  and maybe i’ll even put clothes on them.  things are getting serious.

it’s a closet and i can paint it berry and sherbet if i want to

(no one will ever know.)  if you’ve missed me it’s because i’ve been on crazy lady vacation.  between thinking about my father, thinking about having a baby, nesting, and trying to start a new school year i’ve been quite m.i.a.  but i did paint the coat closet.  i have my priorities.  my husband came by at 10:00 at night and said, “are you doing this because you’re nesting, or because you’re crazy?”

because i can.  actually, i scored free paint at a yard sale and it couldn’t be helped.  changing out all the light bulbs in the basement so they were all the same spectrum would be more relevant to his question.  the answer to both being “yes.”

anyways, the closet used to be an absolute pile.  i kicked out the lot of it.  will probably return a few strategic coats, install a second shelf, and use it mostly for homeschool supplies instead of dirty shoes.  one battle won.  battle number two however, has me pinned to the ground and is rubbing my nose in a cow patty.  i’ll let you know how it goes.  *m

keeping up appearances

vicar: "oh no, it's the bucket woman. drive, drive!!"

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