and i’m back.


m.  cauliflower and chickpea curry + rice + sweet potatoes

t.  thai coconut curry soup + brussels sprouts + rice

w.  british fish and chips

thrs.  spicy szechuan tofu and eggplant + rice


m.  taco time, $15

t.  avocado sandwiches + gardettos (on sale!)

w.  avocado-lime black bean salad + chips and cheese

thrs.  hummus + chips + carrot sticks

fri.  chili + cornbread + apples


m.  oatmeal + grapefruit

t.  mini-(fake) bacon egg cups + british bread + tea

13 100

w.  smoothies + toast

thrs.  cereal + egg cups

fri.  pancakes + eggs

total = $151

and that doesn’t even include the weekend.  the shame of it.  now if only people would post more millet and oat recipes on pinterest, then i wouldn’t get in so much trouble.  help a sister out.


the tofu and eggplant was good.  i didn’t realize it, but eggplant soaks up lots of flavor.  the eggplant bits were the best bits.  slimy as they were.  and the black bean salad was an easy recipe to fake for an easy side.  the bacon things need some work.  they poofed up so much they were hollow inside.  i think next time i will try not whipping the eggs and dump them in whole.


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  1. 1 Nightmare from Washington March 12, 2013 at 11:23 pm

    Hmm, I have got to give those bacon egg thingies a try. They look good.

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