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that’s the name of the new board my husband made on pinterest.  apparently one can eat tofu for only so long.


m.  tuscan pasta with tomato-basil cream + french bread

t.  cauliflower fettuccine alfredo + balsamic roasted brussel sprouts

w.  cheesy roasted broccoli patties + cornbread + black beans

thrs.  tofu tikka masala + rice

f.  vegetarian nut loaf + salad + homemade bread + ginger ale + lemon blossoms (jael’s bake day) + company

sat.  dal makhani + rice

sun.  15-minute white bean soup  + homemade artisan bread


m.  spaghetti with spinach, garlic, and lemon

t.  avocado black bean tacos

w.  greek lentil casserole

thrs.  spicy roasted vegetable macaroni and cheese


m.  cereal + egg cups + smoothies

t.  breakfast cookies + yogurt and honey

w.  british bread bread and jam + tea + egg cups

thrs.  baked oatmeal + applesauce

total = $140

yep, read it and weep.  the good news is that i’m getting a pantry this summer and i’m going to spend billions at costco.  then i won’t have to make these embarrassing confessions to you.  it will all be on the sly.  ahha.


i think i will keep making tuscan pasta because it is such a cheater meal.  the lemon spaghetti is headed for some repeats as well.  but what really stole the show was boy’s dal makhani and spice fried kale.  holy cow, yum.  the veggie mac and cheese was good too, but i’m not really in the cheese market.


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