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it’s always a good sign.  when i’m not making menus you can pretty much bet that i’ve just thrown my family under the bus and am up to no good.  and it’s not that i’ve repented or anything, it’s just that i’m done now.  finished a few projects, over multiple sicknesses, laid off the road trips, and am trying to settle into some smooth sailing before baby gets here.  and smooth sailing happens to necessitate cake.  if there is no cake, there is no love for life.  just the incessant, desperate clambering out of the cold, slimy pit of “getting by.”  which is no way to live.

so meet the coolest cookbook ever.  i don’t even have to cook anything out of it.  it’s just fun to read.  take it from your library.  never give it back.


m.  taco soup + french bread

t.  amy c’s minestrone + homemade bread

w.  enchiladas + brown sugar pound cake

thrs.  curry

fri.  tacos + homemade salsa and spiced kale


m.  oatmeal + pears

t.  cereal + bananas

w.  swiss eggs on toast + pineapple

thrs.  fried mushrooms on toast + apples + tea

fri.  oatmeal + peanut butter and jelly + orange juice

and don’t ask me what’s for lunch.  i’m trying not to think about it.  i also didn’t include the weekend because i have high hopes of going into labor by then.  and you know what that means….


oh, and you thought i was going to say baby.  no, that wasn’t what i was thinking, but good point.

because someone always wants to be fed

we were a little on the fly today.  like, all day.  i put this menu together when it was a flippin’ 100 degrees, while babysitting three children for an hour and a half, on a putting green.  i’m pretty sure when people come to relax at their golf course, enjoying their retirement, they don’t like to be greeted by three heathens running around with the flag markers and chucking golf balls.  i did my best to explain to the small ottos involved that this was neither the the time nor the place.  even though it was so obviously both.  🙂


m.  cashew/spinach vegan pesto with w.w. noodles + ginger glazed carrots + salad + mangos

t.  malai bhindi (okra) + potato chaat + rice

w.  chicken (or rather, soy curl) chinese salad (i toss a bag of spring greens in with mine)+ bread

thrs.  w.w. linguine with creamy zucchini sauce + couscous salad + chocolate chunk cookies

fri.  special k/walnut loaf + roast cabbage + bread

sat.  general tao’s tofu + rice

sun.  bountiful basket = $16


m.  large veggie lovers at pizza hut = $10

t.  tanzanian spincach and peanut butter curry + mangos

w.  taco bell at the water park (all day fun day)

thrs.  costa rican rice and beans

fri.  tacos!

sat.  indian

sun.  bountiful basket


m.  oatmeal with dried fruit + nuts + peaches

t.  eggs baked in mini bed of pizza dough

w.  eggs cooked in cream and tarragon over toast

thrs.  blueberry muffins + bananas + tea

fri.  cereal + egg cup + honey and yogurt

sat.  waffles + peaches

sun.  pancakes + eggs

total = $ 148

way to use the whole weekly budget on food mavis.  (only i don’t think she really cared.  she just wanted those last two dollars left for a latte.)  it’s all good.

where’s the cheese?

a while ago i invited a lady, who had authored a vegan cookbook, over to school me in all that was holy.  or mostly cheap.  and that is what healthy cooking is, lest anyone has ever told you otherwise.  i’m kind of suspiciously eyeing the day when i can’t spend $150 on groceries a week and i have to keep my bulk millet in a bucket.  although this week, i was only thinking i wanted to have some money leftover for copyright infringement and wall art.  (fyi, staples told me no.)  suffice to say, we will be eating things that are good for us with nothing cool to show for it.

p.s.  i already have the blood pressure of a corpse and my husband looks like he was recently released from an internment facility.  someone buy me a deep fryer for christmas.


m.  tomato/almond butter macaroni casserole + kale chips + rhubarb pie

t.  fettuccini made with kale and cashews + homemade bread + salad

w.  millet stuffing + cottage cheese + salad + homemade nutty tomato dressing +  “cartwheels” (jael’s bake day)

thrs.   oatmeal loaf + kale slaw

fri.  w.w. pasta with cashew cheese + kale chips + peach raspberry crisp sweetened with white grape juice concentrate

sat.  bountiful basket, $16

sun.  thai curry


m.  a slew of bean and cheese burritos at taco bell, $13.00

t.  homemade pretzels with cheese sauce + olives and cherry tomatoes

w.  peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on homemade bread + grapes

thrs.  tacos!

fri.  zucchini casserole + bread

sat.  daddy boy cooks indian

sun.  bountiful basket


m.  cereal

t.  blueberry parfaits with greek yogurt + egg cups

w.  10 grain cereal + melon

thrs.  eggs on toast + tea

fri.  blueberry/oatmeal muffins + egg cups + yogurt

sat.  waffles + peaches

sun.  baked oatmeal + blackberries

total = $118

stupid copyright laws.

where’s the beef?

a while ago i had the bright idea to have girls over for bubble tea and some recipe swapping.  so this week i am cooking through my friend megan’s menu.  i asked for her 7 favorite meals, put together and ready to go.  and she did her homework.  if you could swing it, i definitely recommend this kind of party.  way to rope the taste-buds up and haul them around the block.  yee-haw.


m.  homemade pizza and sauce + mushrooms, zucchini, and olives + root beer

t.  sunny sunflower seed burgers + moosewood tahini-lemon sauce + potato wedges + fresh strawberries

w.  tacos + moosewood’s zucchini and pepper filling + avocados + tahini-lemon sauce + raspberry tea

thrs.  minestrone soup + artisan bread + kale chips + apple-brown sugar coffee cake

fri.  moosewood’s spicy baked beans with molasses + cornbread + spinach pear salad

sat.  chinese-style stir fry vegetables with moosewood’s basic stir fry sauce + brown rice

sun.  something indian and desperate


m.  taco time, 4 items for $5  menu

t.  noodles made with peas and cream cheese + v8 juice

w.  cheese + lettuce sammiches on homemade bread + cherry tomatoes + tofu chocolate pudding  😉

thrs.  beans + rice + homemade salsa + nutritional yeast

fri.  flippin’ quesidillas with leftover veggies fried with oregano and garlic salt

sat.  picnic?

sun.  tamales + spicy black beans + kale (i have lots of it)


m.  10 grain cereal + egg cups

t.  yogurt parfaits + granola + fresh strawberries

w.  fried eggs + toast + tea + melon

thrs.  baked oatmeal with fruit and nuts + yogurt

fri.  cereal + egg cups

sat.  waffles + peaches (from our tree)

sun.  pancakes + eggs

total = $129

for the record:

i enjoyed the zucchini taco filling.  everyone else mourned the absence of beans.  it was practically a funeral party.  sheesh.  the tofu pudding was a big hit, on the other hand.  don’t know why it turned out so runny though.  maybe because i used the blender and not the food processor like it said?  we will try it again and see what happens.  the real revelation of the week however was coffee cake.  where have you been all my life?  i am on the bandwagon now, watch out.


my boys are gone for a week.  sadness.  i guess we will have to eat without them.  more particularly, all the things they don’t like.


m.  mushroom and herb polenta + kale chips + kiwis

t.  grilled quesidillas with black bean paste and salsa + tamarind jarritos + chocolate dipped strawberries

w.  socca with cherry tomatoes and creme fraiche  + grandma’s jello mold

t.  rolling sushi with friends + mud pie (jael’s bake day)

f.  fried potato masala + garlic naan + mango sticky rice+ bubble tea + company

s. – sun.  out of town


m.  girls’ lunch out; beignets + bubble tea + spring rolls + baguette sandwich = $13

t.  w.w. pizza with white sauce, zucchini, mushrooms, and fresh basil + chubby sodas

w.  picnic at friend’s with grapes, cottage cheese, and wheat thins

thrs.  tacos!

fri.  soba teriyaki with broccoli and tofu


m.  yogurt parfaits

t.  strawberry frosted mini-wheats (jael’s pick = nasty) + egg cups

w.  mush + bananas

thrs.  oatmeal muffins + yogurt + tea

fri.  cereal + egg cups + yogurt

total = $126


this week i’m cooking through the vegetarian cookbook “plenty” by yotam ottolenghi.  who, from the looks of it, must be another licentious otto.  decidedly on my team.


m.  soba noodles with eggplant and mango + chocolate chunk cookies (jael’s bake day)

t.  sweet potato cakes + garden salad + homemade bread

w.  castelluccio lentils with tomatoes and gorgonzola + cabbage salad with smoked almonds

thrs.  hot date with hot stuff

fri.  broccoli and gorgonzola pie + yellow rice pilaf + key lime tart

sat.  on the road

sun.  some kind of dahl baby + roasted cauliflower


m.  free summer reading coupons to sizzler.  still $12 for just mommy.  nothing like eating straight off the back of a “food service of america” truck.

t.  roasted zucchini, red onions, and mushrooms on pitas with a garlic mayo

w.  tacos!

thrs.  mung beans + coconut sticky rice + mangos

fri.  noodles made with the leftover assortment of dairy in the refrigerator + zucchini fries

sat.  gone

sun.  beans + rice + kale chips + fresh tomatoes


m.  mush + applesauce

t.  frosted mini wheats (and there was much rejoicing) + egg cups +bananas

w.  eggs on toast + cantelope + tea

thrs.  oatmeal muffins + yogurt + nectarines

fri.  baked oatmeal + honey and yogurt

sat.  waffles + fresh raspberries

sun.  grapenuts on greek yogurt + raspberries (did i mention i have a swath of these?)

total:  $132

for the record:

yotam ottolenghi is trying to kill you.  that’s one greasy vegetarian.  (which must be why we’re friends.)  the soba was good, only decidedly outnumbered.  and it takes a lot before i cry uncle.  suffice to say, i will make the sweet potato cakes again and will be cooking through it again next week.  also, my pita with roast zucchini always makes me happy.  i just remembered i had blogged it a long time back, so here is a link to the recipe.

monday, monday

** a note on my atrocious food spending, lest you think the worst of me.  i have one cupboard and one drawer in which i put food – and no deep freeze.  which means i don’t store anything.  not a bag of pasta or can of olives to my name.  if it’s not flour or beans, i buy it on grocery day.  hubby and i are talking about building a pantry into our garage, but we’ll see.  until then i’ll try to be better, but i’m still gonna be bad.  😉  

the menu is up.  this little list actually represents quite a bit of footwork on my part.  but i so love having everything done, put in order of expiration, and sitting patiently in the fridge, waiting for it’s cue.  like those guys who rope calves, wrestle them to the ground and then walk away, hands up in the sky.  booya.


m.  pinto beans + rice + cottage cheese + cherry tomatoes + kale chips + nutritional yeast + fresh cherries (b.b.)

t.   fettuccine with peas and mint + garden salad + fresh bread

w.  deer burgers or fake burgers (depending on your degree of manliness) + grilled onions + cilantro garlic fries + fanci freeze!

thrs.  vegetarian stuffed green peppers (b.b.)+ mashed potatoes + lemon bars (jael’s bake day)

fri.   satay peanut sauce + rice + steamed broccoli

sat.  veggies from bountiful basket + spaghetti

sun.  bountiful basket with a dash of indian


m.  pizza hut $10 dinner box  (our treat is to eat out on mondays so i can homeschool and do grocery day without freaking out.  the catch is that it has to be at or around $10 for all five of us together.)

t.  orzo with parmesan and basil + “ants on a log”

w.  avocado/sprout/havarti sandwiches on homemade bread + mangos and cherries (b.b.)

thrs.  sweet chili lime tofu with wok steamed collards and quinoa

fri.  roasted spaghetti squash with herbs + bread

sat.  tacos!

sun.  bountiful basket whatnot


m.  10 grain cereal + peanut butter + raspberries and sugar

t.  life cereal + egg cup + yogurt + raspberries

w.  eggs sunny side up in bell pepper rings + homemade toast + tea

thrs.  10 grain cereal + yogurt + honey + bananas

fri.  your choice of boring cereal or grape-nuts on top of greek yogurt topped with raspberries + egg cups

sat.  waffles + peaches and raspberries

sun.  pancakes + eggs

total =  $153.47  

and there goes my yard sale money…and any other money.  that will teach me.

for the record:

fettuccine with peas and mint was a go.  perfect for summer.  the satay peanut sauce recipe from my friend amy is the bomb.  someday i’ll blog it (when i feel like sharing).  the sweet chili lime tofu had good flavor but bad logistics.  i’ll make the sauce again but use a lot more tofu to tone it down.  that and i will by the pre-fried tofu at cash and carry.  because frying tofu for what amounts to hours is entirely lame.  roasted spaghetti squash was also good. but it is likely something i will only make when thrust upon with unsought after squashes.  you gotta do what you gotta do.  *m

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