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the kids have been watching blandings like nobody’s business.  this morning, upon arriving at the breakfast table to find cereal instead of mush, gideon raised his fists in triumph and declared, “where there was squelch man, there shall be a godly crrrunch!”

we like our rpms

jehu was looking for the cd case of audiobooks the other day.  i overheard him asking his brother, “do you know where all the little records are?  for that thing over there?”  (referring to the cd player.)  but really, no one needs to know what cds are anyways.  things of the past.  otto children, on the other hand, are ahead of their time.  vinyl is forever.

bad mommy

i can’t remember my kids’ names.  maybe that’s my fault for naming them so obscurely and then having five.  but dang-it, i run through at least three proper nouns, including siblings and close friends,  before hitting on the right one.  “jael, natalie, judith, what’s your face…rahab!”  anyways, it’s just not right.  i remember my friend with five was here, and her two year old was having a melt down.  she kept remonstrating with her and it only got worse, until we finally picked up on what the girl was blubbering about.   “i’m not sussanna, i’m jane!  i’m jane!”  ha.  poor little kid.  not that i would feel too bad.  but really, i either i need to round up the will power to clean up my act or just start calling them “hey kid.”

i’m leaning towards the latter.  i think it’s “son” or “daughter” from here on out.  unless your name is “gideon.”  then i don’t even bother, i just whip out my water safety whistle and cover my ears.  i got this.

where the camera went to die

a slow and sandy death in my husband’s pocket.  someday, when i feel like it, i might even get another camera.  until then, i’m going to be an even more negligent blogger.  cuz mama don’t care.

13 1710

grammy took all of her grandkids to the sand dunes for a weekend.

13 1712

they did what came natural.

13 1713

13 1715

the weather was perfect and the wind didn’t even blow.  under any other circumstances bruneau sand dunes would be more likened to hell than a national park.

13 1718

but feel free to take your chances.

and i swear i just did this

but wordpress insists i’ve hit the six year mark.  blogiversary it is.

13 1107

what’s in it for you?  nothing but a magnet.  and i don’t care how passe the slogan has become, those are still words to live by.  leave me a comment if you want it.  or even better, suggest a new blog name.  because imustnotthinkbadthoughts is going the way of crockpots and old people.

meet beast

and it was love.

my husband, however, was not convinced.  “do you really think you need a stroller that big?  how are you going to get it in the car?  or through a door for that matter?”  wife don’t care.  wife want.  husband buy.

not that i’m an expert or anything, but i am quite convinced this is the best stroller ever made.  until 2010 when it was bought by pansies who shipped production to china.  before then it was made in new zealand.  the epitome of rugged, indestructible, simplicity.  makes the “bob revolution” look like a tramp ho (in my humble opinion).

and, oddly enough, i found it on craigslist in boise.  i’ve never seen one listed before, even though i’ve looked.  see, even jesus thought i needed a huge stroller.  i made a point to thank him personally.

it won’t be too long (4 weeks?) until i have the equivalent of two babies.  well, make that three.  jael still can’t walk.  she thinks she should be carried everywhere in a litter while being fanned and fed cream puffs.  so come what may, this should cover my bases.  i think you could even fit me in it.

35 weeks.  and yes, that’s how i smile in all of my pictures.  (btw, at what point do you merit the electric wheelchair at winco?)

we’re all going to starve!

well, not exactly.

if you missed menu monday (and i can’t imagine that being the case) it was because i didn’t have a car all week.  when i eventually broke down and sent my husband to the grocery store, he came back without my menu planning/life planning book.  fortunately, i was consoled by lime tart (i knew exactly what the bag of limes were for) and a new housekeeping book, picked up at a yardsale for 25 cents.

life goes on.


it’s only been a month now.  but i can call people and stuff.

not that i would, but it’s nice to have the capacity.  we got rid of our skype number a while ago, as well as our old headset.  which means for a whole month i never had to answer the phone.  and if i don’t give anyone my new number, i still won’t have to answer my phone.  indeed.  and to think people pay $100 a month so they can carry their phones around with them.  seriously?

my new number is with google voice.  which means it is free.  (yay.)  and comes with unlimited text.  (another way of saying, i still don’t have to call people.)  and if i don’t answer my phone, cuz odds are i won’t, then messages are transcribed and sent to my email, for me to mock at my leisure.  (google needs to work on it’s translation skills and lay off the sexual innuendos.)  but really, it’s brilliant.  the money we save by not having cell phones, a land line, or cable makes me quite pleased.  not to mention, it comes in pink.

shoes happen

okay, so i’m supposed to be putting away camping stuff.  but one of the things my mother sent home with me from the trip was yet another shoe organizer.  and look at that, i filled them both up.  i don’t even buy shoes, how does this happen?  out of the (ahhem) moderate 37 pairs i own, i’ve only bought five.

those would be my danskos (3rd season), chacos (8th season), candy red michael kors, ugly wedges for some necessary occasion, and some all around fabulous black style & co heels that go with everything.  but i just wanted you to know, that unlike my closet indicates,  i’m really not a bad person.  as for the rest of you (you know who you are) you can stop giving me shoes now.  unless, of course, it would be a crime against nature not to.  then i am prepared to sacrifice and make a little more room.

mama’s got shoes

from amazon warehouse deals for $10.  my mother-in-law bought them for me.

and they’re dangerous.  (literally.)

keeping up appearances

vicar: "oh no, it's the bucket woman. drive, drive!!"

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