yes, we’re still eating

someone asked.  😉


m.  grapes + crackers and cheese (we had a late lunch out with daddy)

t.  crispy quinoa and mole sweet potato tacos 

w.  tadoori grilled tofu with cauliflower curry and cucumber raita + lemon blueberry cake + company!

thrs.  white bean, avocado, and lime soup + homemade corn chips + chocolate truffles

f.  tofu tikka masala + indian fried green beans


m.  costco

t.  simple spaghetti with kale, lemon, and garlic

w.  avocado sammiches

thrs.  spaghetti with spinach, garlic, and lemon + cucumbers and fresh dill in greek yogurt

f.  “almost chipotle” beans and rice + sauteed zucchini with garden dill


m.  cereal + yogurt and honey + egg cups

t.  biscuits and mushroom gravy + orange juice

w.  fresh blueberry pancakes + oj

thrs.  baked spinach and eggs + toast + tea

f.  pancakes + (fake) sausage + eggs

and no, we still haven’t fixed the camera.

3 Responses to “yes, we’re still eating”

  1. 1 aunt meggy July 26, 2013 at 9:54 am

    mine started working again, randomly. keep your fingers crossed!

  2. 2 Jessica M. August 2, 2013 at 7:41 am

    Hi there. Looks like a great menu. Not to change the subject, but I am trying to find a post that you wrote about the glorification of teenage-flat abs in our culture vs. the praise of fruitfulness in cultures past. I thought of it in the midst of all the hype about Kate Middleton’s post-baby belly and wanted to forward the link to a friend. If you have a minute to direct me to it’s whereabouts that would be awesome. I know you’ve written a couple posts on this subject…the one I’m thinking about had a picture of a super skinny blonde model in a pink bikini (I think it was a pink bikini) as the very first picture. Following pictures were all very Greek-esque.

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