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christmas is pink

well, at least some of us are so lucky.  i don’t know how the rest of you survive.


boy got me the knife and cutting board.  and aunt meggie got me pink clips while my grandma made me more mag-neat-o apples.  the pink salt and pepper shakers are from my dad.  who thought “i had to have them.”  and he was right.


look at the holes in the tops of those suckers.  we’re a match made in heaven.  not to mention boy got me black lava salt this year.  but i will have to save it for making sushi, even though it would be fun to spring on the table.


my sister-in-law got me the amy butler scrapbooking bag, which i will be sure to load up.  considering how hubby has kicked me out of the desk.  he says i’m “too messy.”  and my little brother got me the pink mixing bowl at the last minute (after repeated threatenings over chat and e-mail).  i have to keep tabs on that one.


here i am in my pink wellies from the one i love.  i think they will be handy.  for when i am too lazy to put on shoes, if i ever go outside.


and my swank-o cheese grater from boy’s sister.


pretty soon i will have to collect them all.  it’s a never ending process.


do you think it really is too much for one person?




so that was that.  maybe i will get around to showing the kiddo’s loot.  if you dig trains and killer whales…  now i am off to make thai coconut soup (courtesy of mack-d).  happy new years y’all!


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