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where the camera went to die

a slow and sandy death in my husband’s pocket.  someday, when i feel like it, i might even get another camera.  until then, i’m going to be an even more negligent blogger.  cuz mama don’t care.

13 1710

grammy took all of her grandkids to the sand dunes for a weekend.

13 1712

they did what came natural.

13 1713

13 1715

the weather was perfect and the wind didn’t even blow.  under any other circumstances bruneau sand dunes would be more likened to hell than a national park.

13 1718

but feel free to take your chances.

a camping we will go

amping is the tedious reminder of why a person should stay home. except it is not a very resilient reminder and every summer you seem to somehow end up back out in the middle of no where. in this instance, with five people to a flat air mattress, in the cold, in the middle of smugeeto infested marsh waiting for the person with the power inverter. who arrived at 1:00 in the morning. but of course, it was still fun. can’t you tell?

(by the way, i put all 163 pictures on picasa.)

here we are hiking to lake josephine. gwill liked it. she had a sweet ride.

grandma with her two boys. below, my little sister and brother.

and here is me in the poofy grasses. boy wonders if they would grow in our yard. they are his favorite.

here is the top. we stayed at the lake while the boys ran up and took this picture.

this is the beach in mccall. even though it looked cold the water was surprisingly warm.

(take a look at that gayla. there is your son going swimming of all things. below you can see him diving off a rock in the background. next thing you know and he’ll be wearing a speedo.)

we camped to the left of this delightful marsh. that’s what you get for making your camping reservations online. next year i guess we’ll do it the old fashioned way and drive around in the dark until we find something along side the road. and then play cell phone tag with the people with the inverter, flashlights, matches and food. i guess things could end up worse.

my favorite picture. gideon in his vintage, spandex swimsuit. now that was a yard sale find.

i stole natalie on the way home. we are planning on prepping the spiral stairs for paint tomorrow. busy busy. now that we are done with all that goofing off.

keeping up appearances

vicar: "oh no, it's the bucket woman. drive, drive!!"

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