meet beast

and it was love.

my husband, however, was not convinced.  “do you really think you need a stroller that big?  how are you going to get it in the car?  or through a door for that matter?”  wife don’t care.  wife want.  husband buy.

not that i’m an expert or anything, but i am quite convinced this is the best stroller ever made.  until 2010 when it was bought by pansies who shipped production to china.  before then it was made in new zealand.  the epitome of rugged, indestructible, simplicity.  makes the “bob revolution” look like a tramp ho (in my humble opinion).

and, oddly enough, i found it on craigslist in boise.  i’ve never seen one listed before, even though i’ve looked.  see, even jesus thought i needed a huge stroller.  i made a point to thank him personally.

it won’t be too long (4 weeks?) until i have the equivalent of two babies.  well, make that three.  jael still can’t walk.  she thinks she should be carried everywhere in a litter while being fanned and fed cream puffs.  so come what may, this should cover my bases.  i think you could even fit me in it.

35 weeks.  and yes, that’s how i smile in all of my pictures.  (btw, at what point do you merit the electric wheelchair at winco?)


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