it’s only been a month now.  but i can call people and stuff.

not that i would, but it’s nice to have the capacity.  we got rid of our skype number a while ago, as well as our old headset.  which means for a whole month i never had to answer the phone.  and if i don’t give anyone my new number, i still won’t have to answer my phone.  indeed.  and to think people pay $100 a month so they can carry their phones around with them.  seriously?

my new number is with google voice.  which means it is free.  (yay.)  and comes with unlimited text.  (another way of saying, i still don’t have to call people.)  and if i don’t answer my phone, cuz odds are i won’t, then messages are transcribed and sent to my email, for me to mock at my leisure.  (google needs to work on it’s translation skills and lay off the sexual innuendos.)  but really, it’s brilliant.  the money we save by not having cell phones, a land line, or cable makes me quite pleased.  not to mention, it comes in pink.


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