the perfect home for the perfect family

i was home by myself all weekend. after making my house positively impeccable, i was bored out of my mind (what does one do without children?). so i decided to go on a bike ride and take pictures of all my favorite houses. here they are listed in descending order of, “i’d take that off your hands, if you’d just be so kind.”


this is my favorite house on warm springs. in relation to the neighborhood it is very modest. but i still like it better than all the humongous ones.


it’s a hard call between #2 and #3. this one is on the crescent, with lots of views of the foothills and no neighbors (since there is a drop off behind the house), and lots of light. but #2 is in this little shady hole with the greenest lawn i have ever seen.


what do you think mom? it seems so much more charming tucked down in here under the trees. isn’t it the perfect home for the perfect family?


and i love this house. the people who live here are the tidiest i have come upon. it’s like they live in a different world. every time i drive by i end up meditating on the yellow of their door. i can’t figure out why i find it so enticing or decide if they did it on purpose. was it an accident or did they really search all the yellow paint samples in the world until they found the most perfect one? i kind of suspect the latter.


this isn’t the greatest picture. but i think what wins me on this house is the white contrasted with all the green and the perfect little box hedges every where.


this is marc’s favorite. he likes something about the proportions. it is much nicer in person if you don’t believe us. although the roof needs to be decidedly more stunning since there is so much of it. i should pop by and leave them a note.


and finally, one i could afford. but it’s not for sale.


and this is my house, which is also cute, but too small. now, i put a poll in the sidebar, so if you want to vote and exhibit your superior taste in architecture, you may.


3 Responses to “the perfect home for the perfect family”

  1. 1 mother July 2, 2007 at 3:52 pm

    i have been accused of not really working by my family, but i do work really hard at work, today just happened to be a very quiet day for everyone at the office so we had fun with this. the vote is in:
    1 recieved 3 votes
    2 recieved 3 votes
    3 recieved 1 vote
    4 recieved 2 votes
    5 recieved 0 votes
    6 recieved 3 votes
    7 recieved honorable mention by me
    my personal favorites were 4 then 1 then 2 and 7 if you changed the door. i really liked 4 because i liked the garage long entrance to the house and all around charm. liked the number 1 because of the size and the dormers and number 2 i really liked the entrance and little picket fence but i would take all of them, boys house i bet looks better in person i have a feeling the piture is not showing off its really character. 5 not sure what you liked about that one look kind of dark and nothing stood out. we had a lot of fun thanks mom

  2. 2 mavis July 2, 2007 at 5:05 pm

    fine, i will stalk by number 5 again and try to get it in better light. as if i didn’t creep them out enough the first time.

  3. 3 Gayla July 2, 2007 at 7:54 pm

    I liked Marc’s the best. There’s a house on the way to Shoshone Falls with the same type architecture and a beautiful roof–it’s shingled in the colors of the desert, so as you’re driving down, the house fits it site wonderfully well. It’s the first house in a long time that I’ve really coveted.

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