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occasionally i stop and ask the kids if they know what certain words mean, just to make sure they’re following me.  i should do this more often because i’m pretty sure they’re not.  we’ve been working on memorizing galatians for a couple months now and it just dawned on me to ask them if they knew what, “confer with flesh and blood” meant.  naturally, it had escaped me that the default intonation of the phrase would have something to do with killing people.  no…..  so i straightened that one right out.  5 seconds later we went on to singing  “creator of the rolling spheres ineffably sublime!”  which, when it came through translation, ended up sounding something like, “creator of the rolling spears making people blind.”  awesome.


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  1. 1 Christina July 5, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    Last week, I thought I should make sure the kids knew Aaron the priest was a man, not Erin the female priest (they have an Auntie Erin they are close to). The five and unders are now disillusioned, but it was a good thing I checked!

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