ain’t no party like my nana’s tea party

if you’ve been missing me it’s because i’ve been gone.  now i’m back, but i’ve spent the last two days washing everything in the combined wardrobe of seven people.  but we had fun at grandma’s house.  just ask jehu.

13 1220

while we were there i helped natalie throw a going away tea for her friend ping, who was here on foreign exchange.  the weather was inclement, so i opted to move things inside the teahouse.  (formerly known as the “greenhouse.”  but that was before i kicked out all of reuben’s tomatoes, vacuumed, and moved in the settee.)

13 1224

my friend mackenzie, arriving in style followed by her charming posse of six.  cute, eh?

13 1229

the teahouse.  obviously wasted on plants.

13 1231

natalie bought a variety of loose teas from the co-op.  another friend brought fresh cream from their farm.

13 1233

and everyone else brought food.  if only i could wish myself back in time….

13 1236

natalie’s friend naphtali holding baby judo.  i had begun to develop my suspicions, but while on this trip it was confirmed that my mother cannot pronounce the name “judith.”  (just like she can’t pronounce “rahab.”  to her it’s ray-hawb.)  anyways, get this, judith is judas.  as in iscariot.  not cool mom.

13 1239

packing them in.  i think we had unrealistic expectations as to how many people we could actually fit in a potting shed, but we tried.  it was rather comic getting ready for this party as well.  my mother and i ended up in town all morning until two and natalie had to stay in school until three.  when we did get home, i decided to sew a batik bunting for the side of the shed, my dad decided to put the bats up , while my mother up and paints the front of the house.  putting bats on the greenhouse wouldn’t have been such a big deal if it didn’t mean my dad had to roll a new log on the sawmill and mill them up from scratch.  seriously, he did.  and to think they were all giving me guff for sewing, when we had “so many things to do.”  like i’m the person who’s crazy around here.  😉

13 1240

isn’t it cozy?

13 1243

in the back corner you might be able to see the vintage sink mom wants to plumb in for watering plants.  they “found” it in the back of the garage.  it’s a big garage.

13 1245

i would also like to point out that the person who built the teahouse is single and moderately handsome.

13 1248

though not exceptional with children.

13 1249

we were sitting on the couch once while he was helping me buckle the baby into her seat.  all of the sudden he got this look in his eye and said ominously, “oooo, 5-point safety harness!”   next thing you know it was baby ferris wheel.

13 1254

of course, it all depends on your perspective.

13 1255

the babies think he’s great.

13 1257

here is ping.  i don’t know what it is, but the kids all love her.  i think it’s the name “ping” (it’s just fun to say) and the fact that she can’t speak english well enough to dissuade them from tailing her.  when she left, jehu went to bed in tears, insisting it was “worse than dying.”    i’ll be posting fan mail to thailand in a few weeks.

13 1266

another tea partier.

13 1270

natalie and her friends hanging out in the tree house.

13 1275

it was a lovely time.  and having a teahouse rocks.  i want one.  the perfect place for warming up on a spring day, reading books,  touring pinterest, enjoying a pot of tea with friends, watching movies, being able to escape to at least one place that’s clean, or having sleep overs.  reuben strung hammocks up and put mattresses underneath and we slept 5 little kids in there.  snug as bugs.  a teahouse is now on my official wish list.  reuben even takes orders if you want one.  or you could trade your daughter in marriage and get one for free.  i’d call that a steal.  (who knows what else you could get him to make you.)


2 Responses to “ain’t no party like my nana’s tea party”

  1. 1 Nightmare from washington May 30, 2013 at 11:22 am

    Just face it. You ain’t going to marry him off anytime soon. Too many women need him as their “Man Slave.” Besides, too many female relatives scare other women.

  2. 2 Jessica M. May 30, 2013 at 11:23 am

    Yes. A teahouse would be a lovely thing. I want one smack dab in the middle of my non-existant, enormous garden. I wonder if a tastefully decorated wall tent would fit the bill. We’ll see if it ever happens.

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