yesterday i got the bug.  normally i would rearrange all the furniture, but it’s to the point now where the furniture only fits one way.  so i played with the couch instead.  hello spring.

13 818

i pulled out a dozen pillow covers and afghans but couldn’t find a combination that cheered my soul.  then i remembered some old embroidery pieces i found for pennies at yard sales.  jael and i stayed up late late sewing them into pillow covers.

13 822

i’m not entirely happy with the fabric combo on this, but that’s all i could find in the bucket.

13 826

the 70’s one i backed with a fun green print.  all in all it’s quite jolly.  if you don’t like it, just give me a couple months and i might sober up.

13 828

i also did this one for the basement a some time ago.  it was a fun painted piece of fabric i found at a yard sale for a quarter.  it took me a while to figure out what to do with it, but now i know.

13 835

someday i’ll even refinish the chair.


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