someone had a birthday.

13 006

we had a tea party.  i think we’ll always do a tea party.  then we don’t have to deal with the requests for rainbow birthdays, or strawberry shortcake birthdays, or “swimming dog birthdays.”  seriously, one of my friends had a swimming dog birthday.  with the most amazing cake ever – of a swimming dog.  no one will ever forget it.  best birthday ever.  but i’m sticking to the tea party.  standard fare.

13 010

one of my friends even bought me a present.  because when she was buying jael a present she knew i had to have it.  and it’s true.  a biscuit tin.  the most perfect biscuit tin in the world.  i’m going to fill it with ginger snaps.  which means all i need are surprise visitors.  (hint.)

13 012

here is the boy invasion.  the thing with nice five year old girls is that they usually have brothers.  and brothers love nothing better than raiding a good tea party.

13 017

here they are packing up on reserves.

13 021

a few boys got whacked in the noggin, a hole was dug and covered with sticks to create a trap, and the fence fell over because boards were confiscated to build a fort.  a classic good time at the otto’s.

13 022

meanwhile the ladies ate in civilized fashion.  except for one.

13 031

the two princesses.

13 032

taking tea.

13 049

13 054

note the hovering baby ogre.

13 055

opening presents.

13 075

13 077

13 078

housewives with beehives.  this lady is straight out of mad men.  you should see her vintage serving ware.  dreamy.

13 043

making necklaces.

13 080

and soaking in the birthday afterglow.

13 095

we’ll see how long that holds her.  a birthday only once a year is not enough for this girl.  preposterous.  once every four years is even worse.


2 Responses to “five”

  1. 1 aunt meggy March 4, 2013 at 10:42 am

    Happy Birfday, Jaelly Bean!

  2. 2 Grandad March 8, 2013 at 12:29 pm

    what a lovely birthday jael. next time grammy sandy will come, i love tea.

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