heritage homes 2012

where i rocked my gut all around the north end nine months pregnant.  i’ve also done the tour seven months pregnant and nearly fell down a whole flight of stairs in my little blue booties.  but i don’t let it stop me.  favorite holiday ever.


this year the houses were smaller but they still had lovely, hand-crafted insides.  this one had lots of wood paneling and a cool fireplace…that or it was the other house that looked just like this one.  hard to say.  but we’ll give it to reuben, since that’s some cursed dull, mannish curb appeal right there.


the classic car folks also showcased a collection of cars down the block.


this house happened to be right next door to our church, so it was fun to go inside the house i park in front of every week.  it kept a lot of it’ original features except it had a pop-out kitchen addition off the back.  big two story-windows with a deck and tv room.  making it a classic family home.  bright colors with lots of light.  i’d say it belongs in the hands of aunt becca.  since she’s the one who knows how to have fun.


another swank-o car.

IMG_8792 (1)

and a very clean cottage.  all white inside, white woodwork, white walls, a clean slate and a freshly remodeled kitchen.  perfect for my mother to paint yellow and fill up with knick nacks and ceramic chickens.


this red house was one of my favorites, so i’ll give it to sarah.  (i kind of like her.)  very warm and cozy having the vital architectural feature of a sun room.  it took up the whole left side of the house and was full of desks, old pictures, and books.  (and that dude in the hat right there, totally ate it when he came out 15 minutes later.  his feet slipped out from under him and he went flying over the steps and landed on his back.  moe and curly style.  awesome.)


and this house is for natalie.  cuz natalie has some class.  the whole right side was a yellow paneled sitting room with a raised area for the piano along the end wall.  coved ceilings, chandeliers, and chinese wall paper.  in the entry there was a lovely grand stair with a huge balcony window at the top.  to the left of the entry was the dining room, and two steps down from that was the smoking room.  dark and masculine with it’s own fireplace and leather furnishings.  every house should have a smoking room, not to mention a gun room and a breakfast room.  instead we have master bathrooms that take up half the house.  frankly, i don’t think the room you poop in merits that kind of attention.

IMG_8796 IMG_8797

this house i’m giving to grammy.  it was meticulous, as you can see from the yard.  with a huge dining room, tons of carved woodwork  and carved furniture.  i was dying to paint all kinds of stuff.  made me feel downright immoral, but it couldn’t be helped.


and this, this is my house.  it had servant’s quarters.  really, what more could you ask for?  you k now, besides an acre lot and a geothermal swimming pool.


indeed.  with a giant patio and built in stone buffet for poolside entertaining even.  hyacinth would be pleased.


but i do believe the lady that lived there was quite insane.  not that i have the right to complain about anyone else’s decorating, but still….


it was ugly.  this was a little sun room/library that opened up on the courtyard.  the other half of the room was floor to ceiling book cases.


the butterfly collection.  which i kind of wanted to take home with me.  one crazy lady to another.


and get this, a pink kitchen.  i don’t know who takes a mediterranean revival mansion and goes all crazy betty on it, but it was pretty sweet.  my friend and i were ooing and ahhing over the kitchen when we were like, “hey, where’s the stove?”  and, “this isn’t a very big kitchen for such a big house.”  well that’s because we were standing in the butler’s pantry.  the kitchen was yonder.


and it was as pink and obscene as you could possibly wish for, with trash shoots, servants’ bells and a pink breakfast nook.


here is the view from the dining room to the living room.  whoever drops two million dollars on this house better be ready to get out their can of stripper, because i am experiencing conflicting emotions while looking at these pictures.


it’s just not right.  all the painted woodwork and the stuccoed over beams in the ceiling.  i’m surprised there aren’t fluorescent tube lights.  then you have to consider the green shag on the carpet and the chintz curtains that match the fabric on the sofa.  it’s like a bad dream.


but i just love how the stair runners ties it all together.  😉



anyways, i could fill this house up with kids so fast, it would be great.  i guess this house had five kids in at one time.  which must have been fun.  if it was mine, i think i would go kind of sparse and rustic with the decorating, with random splotches of color to keep it from becoming too serious.  but mostly, i think it should be an easy breezy kind of house that you could run through at breakneck speeds and slide down the stairs in your mummy bag.


here is the master with the walk through closet and master bath.  back when wallpaper was cool.


and the kids’ bedroom which shared a bath with the bedroom kitty corner to it.  then further down the hall, in exile, were the servants’ quarters.  and that’s where you could keep the boys.


there were wonderful little balconies everywhere.  when i was little balconies only meant one thing.  and that was dragging the mattresses out of the house so you could jump off on them.  so much potential.


but the lavender powder room has to go.  i think that’s the thing with this house.  i love the feel of it and the space.  but i suffer no loyalty to the architectural style.  i could do whatever i wanted.  apparently that’s what everybody else did.




and last but not least is megan’s little gnome house.  a little turret entrance and a long wood beamed living room with long windows and built in spanish shutters.  very quaint.  here’s to 2013, can’t wait.


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