the beginning of the end

we finally got the christmas boxes out.  the crowds loved it.

12-11 273

(we do have one potty trainer in the bunch, if you’re wondering what the biscuits were doing out and on the piano.)

12-11 276

and look at that.  charlie brown has nothing on us.  the children weren’t even phased by our tree however.  i think they’re used to it.  boy dragged the stick in and habbers rushed up to him jabbering, “chrissmas twee!  chrissmas twee!”  poor kid doesn’t even know the difference.  but really, it’s an ideal specimen.  look at the maneuverability around that thing.  i don’t even have to water it.

12-11 270

i remember i handed jehu his box of three whole ornaments and he asked, his eyes all aglow with christmas wonder, “we get to put all of these ornaments on, all by ourselves?”  what a sucker.

12-11 279

hanging stockings.

12-11 281

and after they were shoed off to bed i went to work on the advent list.  eventually i get around to these sorts of things.

12-11 283

here’s what we have so far; sing christmas carols around the piano with daddy, color christmas pictures and drink hot chocolate, write a christmas card to a friend, make popsicle snowflakes, bake christmas cookies, go on a drive to see the lights, cut paper snowflakes, bring cookies to the neighbors, have popcorn and watch a christmas movie, go on a walk down our new sidewalk to the ice cream store, have a bonfire on the winter solstice, new play dough, sit around the fire reading christmas books, make cardboard ornaments, have an evening out at barnes and noble, make homemade marshmellows, go on a drive through the ghettos of garden city for a lesson in gratitude, a trip to our favorite mom and pop’s toy store, and last but not least, dutch brothers for everyone!  i had to slip that one in for me.  lord knows i need it.


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  1. 1 Anonymous December 6, 2012 at 11:05 pm

    What are popsicle snowflakes? I want one!

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