the zero birthday

because you always need more cake.  or, in this case, because four bags of halloween candy isn’t enough.

we threw a little impromptu party in the backyard for judith’s big “zero” last weekend.  daddy rigged up the tree for climbing and strung up the pinata.

it was all my crazy aunt’s fault.  she’s the one who showed up at the house with a pirate pinata a month ago because she “saw it at the store.”  that woman is just my style.  we decided to save it for the new baby (as opposed to ravaging it immediately).  i think this could become a tradition.

as for the tree climbing, daddy started the kids out when they were little at 10 feet above the ground.  (the panic threshold.)

but these days, the tree just isn’t tall enough.

which must be what happens when the tree climber’s daughter marries another tree climber.  you end up with more tree climber’s daughters.  my guess is that any boys who come around better not be afraid of heights.

keeping up appearances

vicar: "oh no, it's the bucket woman. drive, drive!!"

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