the most fun you ever had

well, at least that’s what gideon thought.

jehu wasn’t so sure.

the church had a firewood stacking party for my dad while we were there.  basically they moved the wood closer to the house so it would be more accessible.  they even brought two hydraulic splitters and did all the dirty work.

the boys helped unload the trucks.  gideon would ask me most seriously, “don’t forget to tell me when it get’s here.”  and when it arrived he would drop everything and start running to his fresh stack of firewood.  “yay!”

mans working.  a.k.a., what mans are good for.

my dad and my mother’s brother.  (that’s where i get my looks.)

habbers eating lunch in the playhouse.

closing the door.  apparently this is her house and i’m not invited.

reuben and his tony chachere’s.  a basic food group, he takes it seriously.

dad and his two wingmen.

for lunch mom served cornbread, chili, salad, homemade pickles, baked potatoes, cake, and punch.  there was much rejoicing.

geoffrey modeling as betty crocker.

back to work, slaves!

dawny also thinks stacking firewood is her most favorite thing ever.

jael and zahara, on the other hand, have never worked a day in their lives.  and frankly, they plan on keeping it that way.  i would watch out.

thanks to everyone who came out.  you did good.  😉


keeping up appearances

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