we just got back from good ol’ deary idaho.  checking on the old man.  he was very sorry to have disappointed everyone by not being dead yet.  but really, we don’t mind.  we were also just in time for uncle reuben’s birthday.  by “just in time” i mean i was able to get someone to move the dislocated car seat off the front porch before the guests arrived.  “but where are we going to sit?”  i don’t know, but my heart bleeds for you.  it does.

not that reuben’s guests didn’t all have their own car seats on their own front porches.  but that’s more of a personal problem.

fortunately mackenzie arrived just in time.  a redeeming influence on any party.  just look at her.  (btw, that is a baby in there.  not a burgeoning beer tire, lest you get the wrong idea.)

the first order of business was to walk back and check on the horses and the archery competition, where i was sadly terrible.

mr. duff.

and reuben, also loosing the archery competition.  take that.

jael and her grandma.

cierra.  also not winning, but looking much better while doing so.

aunt dawny bugs.  the worst babysitter ever.  ask anyone.

a very happy boy with weapon.

idgi.  yet another person making my husband ask, “what’s wrong with these people, don’t any of them wear shoes?”

mrs. miller asking clive if he thought she could do it.  clive denying even the remotest possibility.

though i’m pretty sure she could give emma a run for her money.

mother receiving instruction from at least three people.  ye of little faith.

mackenzie’s oldest girl in horse heaven.  definitely one of the lower tiers in the gratification stratosphere, but some people seem to like it.

mrs. potter.

jael on the pony.  reuben said she will have to come ride more often since she was the only one who stays on.  like a tick.

chow time.


cake!  (some people have perfect timing.)

mrs. miller in mid-stabbing motion and the schuilings.  personally, i’m just glad pumpkin pie season is here.  hooray for fall!

old (old) friends.

and we finished off the evening with tim kindly recording some songs my dad had written.  a good day all in all.

happy birthday reuben!  p.s.  don’t forget, all the ladies are expecting to see you in the birthday hot pants i got you.  the cargo pants and the unitard really don’t have the same effect.


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  1. 1 Liz September 19, 2012 at 8:47 pm

    Why thank you for the super flattering photo! 😉 We had a great time and wish we could have made it for longer!

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