no, i will not give you a drink

you know that verse in  bible about giving cups of water to the least of these and all that?  well it gets old fast.  especially considering how little humans are 60% water and can’t reach the faucet.  i remember sitting down at the dinner table the other night, after retrieving the first and second child glasses of water, when the third child asked for some water.  i looked at them all and said, with the greatest parental love, “no, i will not get any of you a drink of water, ever again!”  i was a little premature, of course.  but i made good of it the next day.  hello craigslist.

now, i imagine most people must have those handy dispensers in their refrigerators.  i do not.  i was kind of loathing the idea of an office water cooler hanging out in the dining room, but i was prepared to do what it takes.  after surfing online for alternatives i found this water crock.  it was perfect.  and well over $100 with shipping.  i sighed and returned to craigslist and it’s wealth of abandoned culligans.  when lo and behold, there it was, the very one i wanted.  and for only $30.  hooray!  however, there are a few drawbacks.  well, actually only one.  and you’re looking at her.  we filled the water the night before, with some reverse osmosis from fred meyer.  it’s not full right now, because i’m pretty sure the other three gallons are busy oozing through the floorboards, gearing up to drip through the basement ceiling.


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  1. 1 victimofbabylove August 29, 2012 at 2:37 am

    oh miranda….im starting my home makeover, so of course, im out stalking your blog. ha! i thought i was cool for slappin some paint up on my bathroom walls! you have a gift woman. i officially went through your entire “homemaking” section…. i just want to move in! since you arrent on facebook, of course…. i dont have your message with your email addy in it, and i, being the air head that i am, did not think to write it town. thank goodness you blog! you are not yet un-reachable to me! of course, i have a paint question, again. (at any time if you want to tell me to get lost and ask somebody who cares, feel free…) anyhow… i painted my bathroom….. and im not at all careful… just cause i am in a hurry. so i painted over my little light switch covers, basically because the people before me had…. my plan is to take them down and paint them and put them back up – but…. i want to do spraypaint… seems way easy…. so just wanted to see if it would stick to those plastic covers or not… what do you think? im nesting in full force. stay tuned for more ?’s. 🙂 you will never get rid of me!

  2. 2 mavis August 29, 2012 at 6:31 am

    kamber eggers, go out and buy new light switch covers this instant. (cheaper than spray paint anyways.) don’t make me come over there. 😉

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