the abode

is starting to look a bit like a turkish hot house.  and i’m not really keen on it.  but i’m not really worried either.  i know the living room slowly moves through a series of metamorphoses and it’s nothing to have hot flashes over.

but that wasn’t why i was posting pictures, to show you the dissatisfied state of my living room.  i just wanted to share my new arm covers, a.k.a. “couch armor.”  …embellished with my private reserve of beaded, tangerine ball fringe.  which i like to keep handy.

but while we’re in my decidedly garish living room i thought i would show you around anyways, and then you could tell me what to do about it.

for instance, i was just granted this handy piano.  which means i am going to slap some wood scroll-work on the front and paint it.  so far i’m leaning towards white, but i am more than willing to up the ante if anyone has a better idea.

also, just had to show your our budding puffin classic collection.  six more to go and it will be the prettiest row of books you ever saw.  that is, until i round up the jane austen collection to go with.

i also have my eye to switching out the lamp, painting the piano (like i said), and hanging another print.  you can see the frame lurking along the floor, still empty thanks to the fine upstanding folks at staples who frown on copyright infringement.  that and i’m just waiting for pottery barn to send me my “coupons of temptation,” so i can change out my throw pillow covers.  and who knows, maybe i will find another cool throw for the couch before yard sale season is over.  that thing is like a chameleon.  you never know what it’s going to do next.

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  1. 1 Nightmare from washington. August 7, 2012 at 9:10 pm

    Like someone shoved a bag of skittles in dynamite, set it alight and threw it in your house.

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