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i love facebook and the assortment of debacles i get to be privy to.  this latest one was a little far-out though.  doug wilson had the nerve, i mean the absolute gall, to say that if men and women do not pursue godly forms of submission and authority in marriage, they will simply pervert them elsewhere.  (i.e.  50 shades of grey.)  and i absolutely adore how nothing riles the mediocre more than saying a man is a man and a woman is a woman.  i can understand wanting to fine tune the above statement or flesh it out a little more, but that wasn’t what was making the river.  it was the undercurrent.  the simple fact that he suggested men initiate and women respond.  now if that’s all it takes to bunch panties then there’s really only one thing for it.  and that’s a little pride.

the headship of a good man isn’t a prison, it’s a fortress.  from which i’m more than happy toss down a few little french taunts, “go and boil your bottoms, you sons of silly persons!”  i’m sure eventually they’ll get the point and stop trying to classify “submissive” women as objectified, abused doormats with dismal sex lives.  i’d say it’s kind of like nursing in public.  the more you own it, the better the masses will acclimate.  and i don’t care how many christians fall down holding their knees and crying in the process, don’t apologize to them.  give them a hand up for sure, just don’t lick their pacifier off and pass it back.  if anything embarrasses christianity, it’s no the people who are standing, it’s the people rolling in the gutter bawling their eyes out.  or even worse, the ones looking for any opportunity to get there.  christianity doesn’t need more word mincing accommodationists, or people with hurt feelings.  what it needs are some chicks who can throw down some serious roller derby and know how to suck it up when they take it in the shin.  be proud of your role, be proud of your man, and as far as i can tell, a little rink rash never hurt anybody.


2 Responses to “own it”

  1. 1 tiffany July 21, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    As usual, I love the way you put things.

  2. 2 Jessica M. July 24, 2012 at 9:09 am

    Seriously, the people on the opposite side of this debate have NO IDEA how much FUN we submissive wives have. 🙂

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