“i got hurt feelings, i got hurt feelings….”

there are so many times when i want to sing people the chorus to this song.

go ahead and cry me a river.  i’ll lip sync back-up from behind.  😉

***  a little background, this came to mind last night as i was reading through the comments in the wake of this “too jolly for most” blog post.  i have a theory on this kinda thing.  it’s called, “lighten up.”  if anything, a christian should be the kind of person who knows how to take a beating and knows how to give one; without anger, bitterness, smallness, meanness or any kind of hurt or whining.  when someone hits you upside the head, you come up spitting teeth, smiling, and ready to go again.  why?  because you’re a christian.  you’re bought and paid for, you’re not a kardashian, and frankly, they can’t hurt you.  you’re full.  and how can you tell if such is the case?  well the easiest is when someone smacks you.  try it, see what comes out.  here’s to hoping it’s at least funny.

the comment section was full of a lot of smacked christians.  and from the looks of it, half of them shouldn’t have been let off the bench.  they’re the ones i like to call christians of the “lamb and dolphin” variety.  but have you ever noticed how the moment lambs and dolphins are threatened, they turn into rudely awakened, still due to be hibernating, dour, grumbling mama bears (a.k.a. not dolphins)?  that’s because lambs and dolphins just don’t cut it, unless your life is, in fact, a motivational poster.  and you don’t find those people in the comment section of a blog to begin with.  when the dukes come out (as well they should), they’re either going come out with a shrill, plaintive whine, or a giggle.  and to me, that’s the only dipstick you’ve got.  and it’s the only credulity you have for your return blow.  why?  because it shows your heart.  if you’re heart is full, there will be a lightness about you.  particularly in the way you handle offense.  if it’s not, your crying about how “that wasn’t very poster-like” will turn out sounding rather small and bitter, more suited to signage at hot topic.  life’s not going to be a poster, there is an enemy out there, and you’re not supposed to hold his hand.  the existence of a fight shouldn’t worry you so much as the state of your heart.  is it full?  is it light?  and can i kick the stuffin’ out of it?  and if i did, are you going to cry?  or are you going to put on “your pointiest stilettos, biggest rings, and call your sister?”  cuz you know, that kinda sounds like fun.

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