my boys are gone for a week.  sadness.  i guess we will have to eat without them.  more particularly, all the things they don’t like.


m.  mushroom and herb polenta + kale chips + kiwis

t.  grilled quesidillas with black bean paste and salsa + tamarind jarritos + chocolate dipped strawberries

w.  socca with cherry tomatoes and creme fraiche  + grandma’s jello mold

t.  rolling sushi with friends + mud pie (jael’s bake day)

f.  fried potato masala + garlic naan + mango sticky rice+ bubble tea + company

s. – sun.  out of town


m.  girls’ lunch out; beignets + bubble tea + spring rolls + baguette sandwich = $13

t.  w.w. pizza with white sauce, zucchini, mushrooms, and fresh basil + chubby sodas

w.  picnic at friend’s with grapes, cottage cheese, and wheat thins

thrs.  tacos!

fri.  soba teriyaki with broccoli and tofu


m.  yogurt parfaits

t.  strawberry frosted mini-wheats (jael’s pick = nasty) + egg cups

w.  mush + bananas

thrs.  oatmeal muffins + yogurt + tea

fri.  cereal + egg cups + yogurt

total = $126

keeping up appearances

vicar: "oh no, it's the bucket woman. drive, drive!!"

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