why yes, i do have more pictures of england i haven’t blogged yet.

we spent a day touring around bath.  holy traffic.  let’s just say i liked it in the country better.  english streets don’t lend themselves well to traffic.  or cars, more specifically.

we visited the abbey.

missed the roman baths by 5 minutes.  but i’m pretty sure i got the general idea.

i also got to see the assembly rooms.  georgette heyer would be proud.

but really, i think the only reason people go to bath is to buy things.  the place is neck deep in shopping.  unfortunately, my husband wasn’t convinced.

wandering around the winding streets.

stopped by the crescent.  which used to be prime ghetto real estate in the 60’s.

now you would have a hard time picking one of these up for less than 4 million.  or so i was told.  i was able to visit no. 1 royal crescent.  where they tried to convince me that the place originally had barnwood floors, people relieved themselves in the dining room, didn’t bathe, and used mouse tails for fake eyebrows.  i refused to believe them.  it’s history and i can do what i want with it.  besides, my version is better.

more shopping and eating.  hubby got a “pasty pie.”  …yum?

the circus.  we also stopped at the jane austen center.  they had stockpiles of “i ♥ fill-in-the-blank” pins.  albeit mostly with “mr. darcy,” and they didn’t have a single “i am madly in love with henry crawford” one.  so i didn’t buy any.  

some building.  (there were lots of them.)

another example of excellence in parking.  i can tell we’re kindred spirits.

every day my husband checks the weather in england.  “look, it’s 108 in boise…and 55 in tetbury.”  less of a winning point with me, but i’m still prepared to do what it takes.  it’s rough being homesick.


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