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did you ever notice how kids’ rooms are the messiest, nastiest things ever?  well not any more.  it’s been a slow road, but i’ve landed on a few ideas on the subject.  number one, don’t give them stuff.  of course, you would think that if they didn’t have stuff in their rooms they couldn’t mess them up.  but that is wrong.  kids can mess up anything.

my next step was to take away their blankets and their sheets.  they can’t keep them on their beds anyways.  every morning it looked like a bomb went off.  not to mention, none of them can make a bed to save their lives.  so i got sneaky.  i took away their rainbow assortment of blankets and gave them each one comforter.  i tucked it into a washable duvet cover made of the same fabric as their bottom sheet and pillow case.  so even when the bed isn’t made, it still looks pretty much the same…well, exactly the same, as if they did make it.  it all kind of blends together.  what can you do, really?

anyways, i finally feel like i’m winning the war.  i pulled everything out of the room i didn’t want, put a fresh coat of paint on the trim, door, walls and ceiling, washed all the bedding, windexed everything, caulked the molding, and then concluded by saying, “if anyone wipes another booger on the ceiling you’re going to die.”

but i figure with a little routine morning maintenance their rooms should stay clean; brush your teeth, pick up your clothes, make your bed, put away all your strewn about goodnight books… no more excuses.  that’s why we have toy rooms.  make your mess in there, at least we can all sleep like civilized little humans.

my favorite is the suave cd player that i got gideon for his birthday one year.  i try to keep audiobooks on hand for when they go to bed.  the earlier they are in bed, the easier they fall asleep by their actual bed time.  yes?

here is the skinned rabbit jehu just got in the mail from his grandma.  what boy doesn’t love a good animal pelt?  and the dresser is a story in itself.

tonight daddy boy finally hung up the prints i bought for the kids ages ago.  “the way of a lady” on the left and “the word of a gentleman” on the right.  i always remember the story of a pastor visiting a woman who was bemoaning the fact that her sons had gone off to join the navy.  the man noticed a prominent picture of a clipper ship in the living room and asked her how long it had been there.  the answer was always.  the moral?  make it count.  (not that my kids would join the navy.  they’re probably going to be librarians and “artists.”  but it’s worth a shot.)

jehu’s bible on the bottom, gideon’s on top.  i like the storybook bible because it picks up on some overarching themes and weaves a tapestry of god’s love and sovereignty.  most children’s bibles seem to be more of a compilation of watered down stories with bad illustrations.  this one makes for a good “big picture” before sending them over to the real thing.  also, the nice thing about tricking your kids into going to bed on time is that you don’t feel guilty when you drag them out at 6:30 to read.

a vintage print i found at a yard sale.  it tied in so well with the colors i picked years ago; blacks, teals, and goldenrod.  not very girly, but i hope the ladies won’t mind.  someday rahab will get to bunk in here as well.  what i like about the room is that while it looks “nice” enough, it’s really an exercise in strategy.  me against them.  i’ll let you know how it goes.  😉


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  1. 1 Jessica M. July 9, 2012 at 8:26 am

    Looks great! It feels SO good to get this kind of a project done. We presently have four kids in one room, so I’m totally with you on all of this. Especially the part about not giving them stuff…just last night, while everyone was asleep, I bagged up about 25% of the toys to be sent off to Goodwill. They have the most fun with blankets, sticks and cardboard boxes anyway.

  2. 2 mavis July 9, 2012 at 6:27 pm

    it’s nice to have a few rooms you can put on auto-pilot. 😉 not every room has to be messy, ALL of the time, right? basically, they can go in there if they are sleeping or reading. it’s like those mediation rooms at airports. gideon is known to strip down to his skivvies, in the middle of the day, and hole up indefinitely with a book. which makes me insanely jealous.

  3. 4 katya July 9, 2012 at 8:20 pm

    just have to ask. is it the skivvies, the book, or the indefinitely that makes you most jealous?

  4. 5 mavis July 10, 2012 at 5:40 am

    how could it be anything but all three? 😉 and don’t forget the middle of the day.

  5. 6 mavis July 10, 2012 at 5:48 am

    that small notebook post was insightful. cut down your other spending before you lay into your food. you want your home to be a place of contentment – so you won’t be looking for it elsewhere. and yes, we do make up for it in other areas. you won’t see us paying for cell phones or “all you can text” plans, making car payments, going to movies, paying for cable, buying new clothes or new anything – but we eat like we lived in america or something. 😉

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