monday, monday

** a note on my atrocious food spending, lest you think the worst of me.  i have one cupboard and one drawer in which i put food – and no deep freeze.  which means i don’t store anything.  not a bag of pasta or can of olives to my name.  if it’s not flour or beans, i buy it on grocery day.  hubby and i are talking about building a pantry into our garage, but we’ll see.  until then i’ll try to be better, but i’m still gonna be bad.  😉  

the menu is up.  this little list actually represents quite a bit of footwork on my part.  but i so love having everything done, put in order of expiration, and sitting patiently in the fridge, waiting for it’s cue.  like those guys who rope calves, wrestle them to the ground and then walk away, hands up in the sky.  booya.


m.  pinto beans + rice + cottage cheese + cherry tomatoes + kale chips + nutritional yeast + fresh cherries (b.b.)

t.   fettuccine with peas and mint + garden salad + fresh bread

w.  deer burgers or fake burgers (depending on your degree of manliness) + grilled onions + cilantro garlic fries + fanci freeze!

thrs.  vegetarian stuffed green peppers (b.b.)+ mashed potatoes + lemon bars (jael’s bake day)

fri.   satay peanut sauce + rice + steamed broccoli

sat.  veggies from bountiful basket + spaghetti

sun.  bountiful basket with a dash of indian


m.  pizza hut $10 dinner box  (our treat is to eat out on mondays so i can homeschool and do grocery day without freaking out.  the catch is that it has to be at or around $10 for all five of us together.)

t.  orzo with parmesan and basil + “ants on a log”

w.  avocado/sprout/havarti sandwiches on homemade bread + mangos and cherries (b.b.)

thrs.  sweet chili lime tofu with wok steamed collards and quinoa

fri.  roasted spaghetti squash with herbs + bread

sat.  tacos!

sun.  bountiful basket whatnot


m.  10 grain cereal + peanut butter + raspberries and sugar

t.  life cereal + egg cup + yogurt + raspberries

w.  eggs sunny side up in bell pepper rings + homemade toast + tea

thrs.  10 grain cereal + yogurt + honey + bananas

fri.  your choice of boring cereal or grape-nuts on top of greek yogurt topped with raspberries + egg cups

sat.  waffles + peaches and raspberries

sun.  pancakes + eggs

total =  $153.47  

and there goes my yard sale money…and any other money.  that will teach me.

for the record:

fettuccine with peas and mint was a go.  perfect for summer.  the satay peanut sauce recipe from my friend amy is the bomb.  someday i’ll blog it (when i feel like sharing).  the sweet chili lime tofu had good flavor but bad logistics.  i’ll make the sauce again but use a lot more tofu to tone it down.  that and i will by the pre-fried tofu at cash and carry.  because frying tofu for what amounts to hours is entirely lame.  roasted spaghetti squash was also good. but it is likely something i will only make when thrust upon with unsought after squashes.  you gotta do what you gotta do.  *m


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