england’s green and pleasant land

a day doesn’t go by when i don’t think of england.  like today, when i bought a rainbow luggage strap for my exploding suitcase.  you know, for when i go back.  it just breaks my heart.  anyways, here are some pictures from our visit to westonbirt arboretum.

all of which are better viewed while listening to the hymn “jerusalem.”  so yes, you might as well push the button.

of course, the place would be more romantic in person if you weren’t freezing your buns off.  not that i would let this stand in my way.  one can overcome almost any obstacle with the right wardrobe and a pair of wellies.

the avenue.

and no, i’m not going to tell you about all 18,000 trees.  other than saying, “aren’t they nice?”  (they even make pink ones.)

in this picture you can see the original manor house in the distance, making this a once very righteous, 600 acre back yard.

a better view coming up the drive.  although, sad to say, it’s no longer a residence, but a school for girls.  shame.

personally, i’m all for the unequal distribution of wealth.  a true fan of diversity.

of course, my moral compass has always been skewed in the presence of real estate.  the pyramids weren’t free my friends.  and think how boring egypt would be without them.  (very.)


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