tart 2.0

kicked tart 1.0’s butt.

but i still can’t see me making these all the time.  granted, the pastry cream and dough refrigerate nicely; so doing the work of one produces two.  i’m just not stirring anything for 13 minutes straight, ever again.  do you know what can happen in 13 minutes while you’re frantically pushing egg yolks about over medium heat?  let’s just say i will be looking into cream cheese/whipped cream options next time.  i actually folded in some fresh whipped cream into the filling here  to make it lighter.  as well as adding a chocolate layer between the filling and the crust, assuring this bad boy will still be going strong come breakfast.

that’s what i’m talking about.  who eats cereal anyways?  also, here is a video of the kids mid-consumption.  it’s nice to have an appreciative, albeit messy, audience.


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