gah, it’s monday

my sentiments exactly.   here we go.  (by the way, did i mention i have a new tart pan?  and a raspberry patch?)


t.  cereal + greek yogurt and blueberries

w.  earl grey creme black tea + toast + egg cup

thrs.  10 grain cereal + greek yogurt + blueberries

fri.  eggs fried in bell pepper rings + toast

sat.  waffles + peaches

sun.  pancakes + fruit from b.b.


t.  tacos!

w.  noodles + cream + nutritional yeast + kale chips

thrs.  red beans + rice+ cotija + cherry tomatoes + garden salad

fri.  m.i.a.

sat.  birthday picnic in the park

sun.  bountiful basket mystery


m.  buttermilk kootu + rice

t.  fresh tomato soup + fresh bread + raspberry tart

w.  farfalle with baby spinach, walnuts, and ricotta + roasted green beans with mushrooms, balsamic, and parmesan

thrs.  vegetarian nut loaf + roast tomatoes with bread crumbs and parmesan + salad

fri.  vegetable soup with sriracha, lemongrass, and tofu + baked garlic cilantro fries + salad + blueberry tart

sat. – sun.  b.b. with a side of indian

total = $131

for the record:

10 grain cereal at winco (in the bulk section) is totally edible says this avid despiser of all things mush.  try it.  also, grilled bell pepper rings are delish.  why make an egg any other way?  buttermilk kootu is a definite keeper.  i love anything in a yogurt sauce.  the farfalle with spinach, etc. was perfect.  will make again.  same for the roasted green beans.  yum.  the vegetable soup was an ideal summer soup.  you actually let it cook “off” the heat of all things.  none of this endless simmering.  i would up the sriracha sauce though, for a little more pow.  (you know, when no one was looking.)  and the baked cilantro fries were heavenly.  i am sure you will see those around here some more.  here’s to a good week.

p.s.  i also made a few berry pies and tried out this whole wheat pie crust recipe, which wasn’t half bad.


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