if only i had my own cow

i’ve been making scones more lately.  they are so easy to squish together and throw into the oven.  it’s just the stick and a half of butter that gets me.  not the eating it.  (i welcome all the poundage i can get in this house.)  it’s the buying it that twinges my conscience.  slightly.

there’s only one solution, i need a cow.  i sooo want to make my own butter and mexican cheese.  i could just throw butter around like some people do “gold n’ soft.”  (and frankly, i won’t let shortening in my house.  i don’t know what’s in that stuff.)

anyways, the hunt is on for the rent-a-cow.  where there is a will, there is a way.  and i will triglycerides.  or a costco membership?

i would like to think that if i were rolling in the butter, perhaps more mornings you would see me making scones in my bathrobe.  especially with those bountiful basket people throwing berries at me like that.

but seriously, if you’ve tried baking scones before and they weren’t up to snuff – don’t give up.  mine aren’t the best either, but at least they’re an easy mess to make, and they keep getting better (and easier) as you go.  if you need some inspiration check pinterest.    where i found these white chocolate raspberry ones.  so much better than cookies.  for the record, i am fast turning into a cookie hater.  sorry.  same with cake.  none of it has anything on scones and pie.  all the way.


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