what to eat?

leftovers!  i wasn’t going to post anything since we’re leaving town midweek and i have leftovers in my fridge for a change.  but that’s when eating gets interesting, so i’m posting anyways.


m.  leftover black beans over rice with leftover jalapeno lime sour cream, fresh (leftover) salsa, and leftover cabbage salad.   it all sounds very suspicious.  (here is the photo + link to the salsa recipe.  it successfully uses canned tomatoes , so i’m filing it away for winter.  a true find.  p.s.  i would have used my own photo, but i ate it.)

t.  homemade hummus with the leftover garbanzos, tomatoes from the bountiful basket haul, and lettuce from the garden – on pitas.

w.  macaroni noodles with sour cream, butter, and nutritional yeast + kale chips (b.b.) + gingerbread.  we never made gingerbread last week since jael has been on a puking binge.

thrs.  something involving homemade bread.  kids will most likely be gone and i will be fending for myself.


m.  leftover hotdogs + leftover smores

t.  roast potatoes and onions, garden salad, and bread.  (protein, who needs it.)

w.  lentils stewed with celery and tomatoes from bountiful baskets + cornbread + acorn squash (b.b.) baked with brown sugar and butter

thrs.  we’re outta here!

and that’s without going to the grocery store, since i’m spending all the money on camping food instead.  btw, the only reason for going camping is eating doughnuts made out deep fried  refrigerated biscuits, drinking mocha chai lattes, and reading books.  i’m not sure why other people go camping.  it’s sure not for the sleeping in or sanitation.  wish me luck.


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