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i wanted to try something different.  every monday i would like to post my menu for the upcoming week.  thinking of what to eat is a perpetual nuisance, i’m sure you can relate.  but i hope this will at least give you some ideas, as well as give me a way to keep track of what i’ve cooked – and more importantly, what i’ve liked.  i won’t post all the recipes, just link to the ones that are online.  as well rate the recipes at the end of the week.  (more for my reference than yours.)  but feel free to ask for any of the recipes and i’ll do my best to get them down.  plus, i think it helps to see someone else’s menu in real life and realize that they eat boring human food too.  it’s true.


m.  pad thai + bugs on a log (for the people that have to be forced to eat pad thai) + impromptu company + smores

t.  creamed spinach + dahl+ rice + peach rhubarb pie

w.  moroccan stew + artisan bread (today coincides with hubby’s bread day.  he makes artisan, i make sandwich and we both have strong opinions on the subject.) + chocolate dipped strawberries (because i can.)

thrs.  spicy black bean cakes + roast potatoes and onions with garlic and balsamic vinegar + garden salad

f.  hot dogs + cabbage salad + smores + company

sat.  baked macaroni + garden salad

sun.  bountiful basket


t.  baked eggs covered in black beans, melted cheese, and fresh salsa + chips

w.  garbanzos from the crockpot topped with cherry tomatoes, herbed goat cheese, and fried greens + crusty bread

thrs.  tacos!

f.  cheese and pickle sammiches + gingerbread (jael’s bake day)

sat.  dahl + rice (daddy boy always does an improv indian dish for lunch on saturdays with whatever is in the garden.)

sun.  bountiful basket, you eat what’s in it.  you’re lucky if i cook it first.

total (for a family of 6)= $135

read it and weep.  we’ll be working on this so feel free to rub it in when it’s up to $150 next week.

2 Responses to “menu monday”

  1. 1 Liz June 6, 2012 at 10:15 pm

    Yay! I love this sort of thing. Especially the lunch ideas. I think you are better at scheduling than I am and I am trying to get better about lunch options (and getting away from pb&j and cheese and crackers and fruit). What time do you start to make lunch during the week?

  2. 2 mavis June 11, 2012 at 8:09 pm

    liz – i’m only a scheduler because i can’t stand thinking of what to eat. i like to go to bed at night with the warm reassurance of what i’m having for breakfast the next morning. 😉 i start lunch at 11:30. the same time as gideon’s spelling. that way i can administer dictation sentences and spelling tests while i cook. we eat noonish.

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