what happens when you spend too much time on pinterest

you get fat.  that and you make all your friends fat.  what else are you going to do with 48 chocolate strawberry cupcakes covered in cream cheese?

i must say though, it was a pretty foolproof recipe.  i wouldn’t recommend eating it every day but it would be great for birthdays.  the strawberry cake on top is whipped with egg whites and turns into a mousse that you can scoop into the cupcake paper with a cookie scoop.  no drip.  i made plenty of drip with the brownie half though.  they have to make something for that.  cuz it’s not me.

here is jael taking them to our neighbor.  we sent some more home with auntie piolet.

habbers, on the other hand, hasn’t really discovered the joys of sharing.

luckily i had the sense to put her outside.

where she belongs.

the little beastly baby.  don’t mess with the habbers.

and whatever you do, don’t try and take her cupcake.

she actually came back the next day for a piece she left on the step.  by then it was a solid mass of sugar ants.  honey badger don’t  care!  she ate it anyways.

naturally she walked around for quite a while afterwards saying, “ow, ow, ow!” with ants crawling out her mouth.

which was indeed very pitiful.  but she didn’t let it stop her- she came back for more, ants and all.  honey badger takes what it wants.


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