jael and her pavlova

lately i have become more and more convinced that you don’t succeed in doing anything unless you do it all the time.  otherwise you’re simply dooming your good intentions to failure.  so whenever i get an evil scheme i look for a way to connect it to something else that already happens on a regualr basis.  and since i want jael to grow up proficient in the most effective feminine wile, i made the smooth move to incorporate her baking into grocery planning day.  (instead of the much more elusive and theoretical “someday.”)  she already has her own kid-friendly cookbook collection, so when she sees me getting out my cookbooks on monday, she grabs hers.  she is allowed to pick one recipe and we add it to the shopping list.  which means, sometime during the following week i am cajoled by irresistible nagging into making baked meringue – in the shape of a tutu, named after a ballerina.  end of story.  does she look like she takes no for an answer?

i am going to try the same thing with the boys science experiment book that their grammy got them.  if it’s guaranteed that we have the stuff on hand and they are already looking forward to it, then there really is no resistance.  especially when something is promising to explode.


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  1. 1 Grandad June 1, 2012 at 6:21 am

    she looks like Jehu

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