memorial day

if no one else has to go to work, i guess neither do i.  it’s only fair.  i spent the whole day in the driveway painting instead. four antique folding chairs, a hutch, cabinet base, kids’ table, two stools, and a hanging shelf.  making for 27 coats of paint all together.  excluding cutting in the bigger pieces between coats and the precursory sanding.  which might be why i am finishing the day with shin splints and a limp.  not to mention a messy kitchen.

however, i love salvage work.  the antique chairs i found alongside the road.  i had to glue and clamp them some as they were starting to delaminate, but they are good as new now.  i had to beat off a half dozen people wanting to buy them.  random cars would pull over, “can i have that?”

“uh, no.”

i found them on the street first, they’re mine.  the aqua paint was a find bequested on me by my mother.  the hutch will go in my all white room and was a generous gift from a friend.  the kids table was $15 on craigslist and i painted it with leftover orange from jael’s dollhouse project.  and the shelf i found at the youth ranch surplus center for a dime, painted leftover green to match the rest of the nursery furniture.  and that my friends, is how you do “eclectic.”  the people on home and garden tv do “gay and obnoxious.”  because, frankly, you can’t buy love.  i actually tried last week – i saw something in a store and bought it.  talk about bad juju.  it went back the next day, now if only i could cleanse my conscience.  moral of the story, never let being “strapped for cash” be an excuse to not make your house your home.  because it is quite the other way around.  money is the root of all evil as well as soulless decorating.


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