jael spoiled by aunt meggie

“do you want to be a hedonist when you grow up too?”

of course!

to each their own.

i was thinking about it, and i’m pretty sure not everyone would want their 4 year old practicing to be a painted lady.  which is why i decided to start now.  i’m way ahead of you.  by the time she’s old enough to wear make-up she will have learned what to do with eyeliner.  and it won’t be this.  i was listening to a talk the other day about how the exaltation of the unadulterated appearance is pagan in origin.  nature worship.  the same idea had a bit of a resurgence with the hippie movement.  let it all hang loose the way ol’ mother nature intended.  well, christians wear bras, make-up and shave their legs.  we are dominion oriented.  we take it, and we make it better.   i’m with clinique and jesus all the way.

that being said, we don’t want to efface god’s image in ourselves.  we don’t want to compete with it, we want to glorify it.  our goal with wearing make-up shouldn’t be to have everyone wondering how anyone could possibly spend that much time in front of the mirror, but for them to not notice it at all.  when someone comes away from you, their impressions shouldn’t have first been blitzkrieged by your flatulent fashion and obvious denial of your age.  they should just think, “my, that was a nice lady.”  we want to wear make-up, not because we’re hot after attracting attention to ourselves, but because we are considerate of others.  we want to look good for our husbands, friends, and children.  we want to smell nice, look nice, and be nice, because we love the people around us.

when we refuse to do anything with our appearance, it’s kind of like saying we don’t care what others think, because frankly, we don’t care about others.  to the other extreme, if we hit the spray tan booth, claire’s, and the feather extensions kiosk, we’re just advertising about how much we love ourselves.  in which case, we could have just saved ourselves the money and bought the t-shirt.  i want to raise my girls to be able to navigate this language and it’s extremes, to know exactly what they are saying, to say it well and to say it beautifully.  because, like everything else, make-up is not inherently evil and neither is it neutral.  it’s a force to be reckoned with.  and otto girls always play for keeps.


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  1. 1 aunt meggy March 15, 2012 at 11:09 pm

    you’re welcome. =)

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