roses of heliogabalus

it just came to me today that i should get this print to hang above my table.

it’s all well and good until you look it up on wikipedia.  but still i think “pink” and “suffocation” go well together in my very inadequate dining room.  anyways, it’s between that and this:

equally appropriate, and also pink, yet sadly beaten into the resemblance of a dead horse.  what’s your vote?  in other news, my father-in-law is coming to beadboard my dining room for me tomorrow.  it’s going to be swell.  you’re going to love it.

1 Response to “roses of heliogabalus”

  1. 1 Mackenzie March 2, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    I vote roses. Of course, you already knew that.

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