mans eating

happy birthday daddy boy!  this is the second year we’ve had this group over on marc’s birthday for indian food.  i like the enforced gender segregation.  mans at the table, ladies in the living room.  i think there were a few more guys squeezed into the general vicinity of the kitchen since i have a table that only seats six.  six.  can you believe it?  i can’t go on like this.  i have china for 20, a table for 6, and a dining room for 4.

which is why i habitually invite anywhere from 20 to 40 people over for dinner.  because i’ve never been a big fan of common sense and am quite deaf to the voice of reason. this crowd is the same group marc went to grade school with in jerome.  and they are just great.  it’s nice to get them together once a year since three of them even have birthdays on the same day.

however, if we keep breeding the logistics are going to get worse.  there were 15 adults, we actually picked up a few extras just for fun, and 15 kids.  hooray for wood floors.

gideon got the lovely miss mackenzie to play chess with him.  she made him suffer and enjoyed every minute of it.

and the birthday boys.  marc, brian, and brady.  brothers from another mother.  brian and brady are twins and they were born in the same hospital as marc, on the same day, and practically lived just up the street.  and, of course, they all have red hair.  suspicious, i know.

and sorry for the crummy photos.  i hate the flash on my camera.  i’d rather opt for fuzzy.  and the battery was on the blink so i was only able to take five, indiscriminate photos before it died.

all in all it was a lovely evening.  and as i type this i’m on my third dishwasher load with one more to go.  the cheesecake for breakfast was enough to brace me however and i’m ready to go again.  same place, same time, next year.  can’t wait.


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  1. 1 Grammy December 1, 2011 at 3:47 pm

    Good to see that Ridley boy there.

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