sao jose dos campos

that would be somewhere in brasil i think.  hubby just got back a few weeks ago from a short term mission there.  a little crash course for his portuguese.  which he speaks very suavely, if i might say.  i seem to make a point to butcher all foreign languages.  i can’t say the word “tortilla” without it sounding like i fed it through a chipper.  here is a photo he took  of a steady stream of trucks heading to some city.  home to the patron saint of…big rigs.  indeed.  they roll in once a year to get blessed.  serious.

random roadside scenery.

here he is with his team, mostly canadians i think.  our church here heads up something called “church partnership evangelism.”  they do a great job connecting with local churches and reaching out to friends/family/coworkers of existing members.  that way new converts are immediately drawn into the body and discipled.  also, that way the mission organization escapes the stigma of being para-church.  everything is under the jurisdiction of the local pastor and the entire congregation is deeply invested in the process.  they do tons of prep work and training  and each candidate is prayed for extensively for months.  which sounds kinda dangerous.  at the end of a few months most people are ready to cry uncle.  i teased my sister violet mercilessly when god dropped a chunk of ice on her head off a church roof and laid her out on the sidewalk with a concussion.  it’s not all fun and games.

here is a picture of a tree.  i think every other picture was of a tree actually.

boy says he would ask people what kind of trees they were and unless it had a mango hanging on it most people had no idea.  this one made explode-y poof balls and spikes.

if anyone knows my husband they know how strange it is that he would shave off his gruff-stache and go be sociable with people.  i think he just likes brazillians.  he thinks they are nicer than americans.  and he says the girls are cuter.

which reminds me, i don’t know who this is.   but i don’t like it.

a few of the families marc got to share the gospel with.  i could tell when he came home that he truly enjoyed himself.  he was a little wistful.

cool architecture.

oh look, a tree.

a neat village.

and more trees.

yes, please notice how swank my husband is in this picture.

he was also telling me about how clean everyone is there.  here is his host’s house.

it kind of disturbs me how everything shines.  my house definitely has a matte finish.

see, clean.  amazing.

and of course he brought home goodies.  i now have a complete tea service and the children all have matching soccer jerseys from the village team.  because every village has it’s own team.  that’s how seriously they take this stuff.

welcome home daddy.  we missed you and are so proud of you.  love you forever and ever.  *m


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  1. 1 Grandma Sandy August 11, 2011 at 12:07 pm

    I am so glad Marc had the opportunity to go someplace he loves and to share the Word with people who were receptive.

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