birthday tree climbing

mom and dad have the best tree in their back yard.  it’s tall.  that’s reuben on the ground, gideon in the middle and daddy at the top.

these are pictures from a couple of weeks ago in deary.  tree climbing runs in the family.

you have to start ’em young.  who’s afraid of heights?

both the boys think they want to be tree climbers when they grow up.  i always find it funny when people ask me what my husband does and i say he climbs trees.  they just stare and me and say, “what?”  i know, they’re jealous.

that’s just no way to make a living.

but i love it when my husband goes around dropping the latin names of trees.  “and this is a carpinus cordata.”  …also known as a tree.  there’s the pokey kind and the not pokey kind.  all you need to know.


keeping up appearances

vicar: "oh no, it's the bucket woman. drive, drive!!"

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