it’s a race!

we had gideon run in the capitol classic children’s race this year.  it was enormous fun.  we dropped him off at the train depot in this swarming mass of abandoned children.  you don’t check them in or anything.  they have to unload over a thousand kids in fifteen minutes, so parents just toss them out of the cars as they come to a rolling stop.  i was standing up, hanging over the top of the minivan waving goodbye while marc was driving away.


it didn’t help that we ended up losing him.  which is why we didn’t get any photos.  we watched all the kids run by and never spotted him.  we followed the stragglers to the finish line and then went to our meeting spot and he wasn’t there.  we were just going to the lost child check when we saw him wondering across the crowd.  i ran and picked him up like he was a big baby and loved him most embarrassingly.  here they are for a group photo.  see if you can spot him.  i believe he is picking his nose.

afterwards the park was full of food sponsors.  here is jael with gogurt watching all the balloons.

i like to think that each one represents a crying child.

rahab played with hers most exclusively.

gideon at a crosswalk with the stormtroopers.  the other one is hiding right behind this guy (you can see his shadow).

on the way home.  only one of the balloons actually made it inside the house.  more crying ensued.

in the race results gideon came in 341st out of 614.  out of boys who were age 6 to age 14.  so hooray gideon.  it’s jehu’s turn next year!


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  1. 1 Grandma Sandy June 7, 2011 at 3:03 pm

    Sounds like a bit of trauma I could do without. I have lost you kids a couple of times and it doesn’t make for fond memories. I remember the time we lost you at Hog Fest in Spokane and when we lost Sarah at the Outlet Stores on Christmas Eve. Didn’t help that you were both teenagers. He looks so happy. Good Job Gideon!

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