i was about to *finally* order cloth wipes for the baby when i came to my senses.  what was i thinking, that’s a square.  you can totally sew that.

theoretically, anyways.  instead i chatted my aunt with the serger and asked her to do it.  some people are crazy nice like that.  and some people are just lazy.

i think she made me close to 50.  and they are reaaaaalllly nice.  i mean really.  one of these will do the job of three.  and they’re cute and they go right in the wash with the diaper.  how handy is that?  thank you aunt nancy.  shall we try this next?  😉


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  1. 1 tiffany May 13, 2011 at 7:30 am

    Cloth wipes are the best. They work so much better than disposable ones. I use gerber baby wash cloths because I too was unwilling to pay crazy diaper store prices for “cloth wipes” and my attempt at making flannel wipes but not sewing the edges didn’t turn out so hot.

    As for family cloth…. well I haven’t gone there yet. When I’m not pregnant I am a buy nothing that just get thrown away sort of gal, but TP is always excluded from that. Although with the number of times that small children have plugged the toilet with too much paper it is tempting.

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